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Others with low heart rate on Beta blocker??

Posted 18 days ago by Montanagranny 0 answers

I am having some terrible issues with the beta blocker .. I have a low heart rate to begin with and with these BB it goes so low sometimes I become disoriented, dizzy, brain fog, cold.. etc.. Made trip to ER yesterday.. no one ever seems to have an answer.. Just looking for others with this issue.. ...

Can taking metoprolol and losartan for BP cause vertigo?

Posted 24 Jan 2017 by Wayne clopton 1 answer

Dizziness and lightheaded when walking around or turn around going to a different direction or looking at something real hard has any body had this kind of side affects when taking does metoprolol and losartan

Mirtazapine - Mertazipine 22.5 mg when will the side effects go away?

Posted 31 Jan 2017 by Misslaguna 0 answers

Anyone can I get some advise have been on 3 Week on this medication and they just increase my doze 3 days ago I feel so sick all day dizzy my body hurts I feel like I can't function when will it get better I lost hope I suffer from depression cause by panic attacks anxiety that have been ...

Levonorgestrel hormonal balance?

Posted 25 Jan 2017 by mmwilliams2010 0 answers

... I have noticed really bad acne cysts on my face and chest. Can anyone recommend a hormone balancer for levonorgesteral? I want to give this birth control a chance like the doctor has mentioned (3-6 months) but it is not worth the stress it brings if I have cysts all over my face. Any help will ...

Can Combigan cause vertigo?

Posted 17 Jan 2017 by Todd Hunking 0 answers

I started on Combigan just before I had my first episode of Virtigo. It was so server I was taken to hospital with extreme light sensitivity, vomiting and server headache. The last time I had a panic attack with cold sweets and a racing heart at 190 beats per minute.

Took too many (4) pills?

Posted 6 Jan 2017 by Rufffs 1 answer

I have never taken baclofen before and my back was hurting really bad, so thinking that it wasn't strong enough, I took 4 10mg pills at 8:30 pm last night and I have been pretty dizzy, very nauseated, dry heaves, horrible right-sided tension headache(better now), still can't eat anything, ...

Can I faint when Im having an anxiety attack?

Posted 28 Dec 2016 by Puppylover14 2 answers

When I feel one coming on I get really sweaty and dizzy and i keep feeling like am going to pass out is this normal? and will I really faint or does it just feel like it its really scary

I've had Implanon for 3 1/2 years, I was suppose to have it removed in June (it's now December)?

Posted 21 Dec 2016 by Panda_Pop 1 answer

... I just had my first real period sense I got it implanted and I have been nauseous, dizzy, fatigued and a couple other symptoms. I've been to the doctor I'm not pregnant and they can't find anything wrong with me. How long do these symptoms last and is it because I haven't ...

Wellbutrin XL was wonderful the first 2 weeks I used it. Now I feel horrible. Why?

Posted 29 Dec 2016 by 12cat45 1 answer

I have been on this drug for about a month. It was so good at first; I had lots of energy and other than frequent urination which has dissipated, all was well. Then bam, now I feel fragile, dizzy, unsteady, and breathless. Cannot handle anything and want to cry all the time. What happened? How do I ...

What is the best natural thing to take for depression if your already on other meds?

Posted 4 Jan 2017 by Fairywingz 0 answers

Hello, I just was put on bupropion SR 100 Mg. and it has been the worst 7 days ever!! I had to go off of it, I felt like a zombie. Fatigued, spacey, dizzy, sore muscles, you name it I had every side effect from it. I also take other medications being clonazepam, hydrocodone and trazodone and have ...

Will belladonna in my eye drops cause dizziness, queasy stomach, cold (non) sweats?

Posted 23 Dec 2016 by berrywine101 0 answers

my dry eye drops have belladonna in it. I take celexa and lithium also. Sometimes when I use the drops I get Very dizzy, queasy stomach and cold sweats without sweating. Is the belladonna interacting with my meds?

Is feeling like the world isn't real a side effect of Zoloft?

Posted 16 Dec 2016 by lollollollol1617 1 answer

I have been taking 50 mg of Zoloft for about 2 weeks now and I'm really starting to feel better but I am dizzy a lot and I have this sensation feeling like the world isn't real- like I'm dreaming. Is this normal? Or is this just anxiety?

Is 20mgs per day of BuSpar enough to work for anxiety? I got really dizzy when I took 10mgs for?

Posted 28 Nov 2016 by Vanilla27 2 answers

... about an hour and a half after taking the pill - this lasted about 12 days. My dr wants me to increase to 30mgs per day (15mg in the am and 15mgs in the pm) but I'm afraid I will get dizzy again. Does anyone know if 20mgs will be enough to help my anxiety or should I try to increase my ...

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