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Vancomycin Questions

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Can you drink alcohol while taking vancomycin?

I just started using injection. I have been using them twice a day for 3 weeks.

Vancomycin - With it help for a tooth infection?

Side of face is swollen & have bad teeth cannot afford dentist i have these left over antibiotics will they help with my tooth infection

Vancomycin - does vancoymcin treat mrsa?

How long does the metallic taste from Vancomycin last?

My father has been on vancomycin every other day through an iv for two months. He lost 50 lbs because the vanco leaves a metalic taste in his mouth. They stopped the vanco today. How long before his taste buds are normal?

How long might it take Vancomycin to take effect?

I have been taking it for 2 days now for C Diff and I see very little change in the severity of my diarrhea. Any advice or experiences that might help me?

Could vancomycin hydrochloride help a tooth infection that one side of the face is swollen?

could vancomycin hydrochloride could help a tooth infliction on one side of the face that is swollen

Should I take vancomycin with or without food?

Which works better or should I do in taking it?

Vancomycin - I fell asleep and didn't take an IV infusion when I should have.

How close together can infusions be taken? I am supposed to do it every eight hours. Now the last one of he day will only be three hours apart from the previous one. Is that OK?

What are some side effects after taking vancomycin?

I was given vancomycin in hospital and had horrible reaction to it. I felt my brain swelling, my neck swelling I had no neck. Had large big whelps, and was turning red and stinging all over body. Hearing was gone. Now I sometimes feel the same way and I have to take a benadyrl to get rid of... read more

Cefazolin - does this med come in a pill form?

Vancomycin - I'm onDay 6 of Vanco 4x's per day. Day 3 I started having normal stools. Today, Day 6,?

... I had one normal stool followed by one with loose bowels, and a third one like diarrhea. Does this happen to anyone else? Could it have been the coffee I had with breakfast followed by taking my Vanco, Florasor probiotic, and some yogurt?

Can Vancomycin 250 mg caps be disolved for a G-Tube?

Fam member has G-Tube and Pharm did not have liquid on hand.

Kidney Infections - My kidney disease was caused by damage from vancomycin, an antibiotic.

It has caused long term acute problems, I am on dialysis. My question would be can a person like me still develop kidney stones? I am in much more pain, I have recently been in the hospital for 6 months and this is new, I don't want to go back to the hospital. Any advice?

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