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What r the differences between valproic acid & valproate?

Posted 23 Oct 2009 by rehab-gh 2 answers

is valproic acid more effective than valproate?i mean in its absorption and distribution,in its effect as antiepileptic drug.thanks.

Valproic acid (depakote) vs lithium?

Posted 16 Mar 2015 by Flo66 3 answers

My husband developped a strong skin reaction to carbamazepine for bipolar. He discontinued it. The doctor wants to put him on valproic acid (depakote), but he ( my husband) is not willing to try a third medication and would rather return to lithium that gave him unconfortable feelings. Which one is ...

What to do if olanzapine (zyprexa) makes you sleepy?

Posted 4 Jun 2016 by Flo2015 2 answers

My husband s lithium was a little too high so the doctor switched him to depakote( valproic acid) 250 mg day and night, just a few days ago. On top of that he was on olanzapine 5 mg for one week and now it s been increased to 10 mg 2 days ago . Today he is so sleepy that can t do anything. He just ...

Should Abilify make me rest and not sleep ?

Posted 31 Jul 2018 by 2sidessamecoin 5 answers

I have recently just switch from 300mg Seroquel and 750mg valproic acid and am now on 10mg Abilify and and the same valproic acid. The Seroquel did wonders at first but really quickly stopped working for me,so we brought the dose down to 150 then I went cold turkey next day to 10mg Abilify. What a ...

Bipolar Disorder - Can anyone explain why I wake up so exhausted?

Posted 12 Jun 2010 5 answers

Hi Im 41, male and .. bipolar I aslo suffer of OCD, rigth now i am at night on 250mg valcote(valproic acid) and 150 mg of seroquel, in the mornings 200mg of and during the day clonozepan ( not generic) I dont know the fantasy name in the states as I am in Chile and I wake up everyday at 6 , I sleep ...

My 51 year old son, diagnosed as schizoaffective disorder has been on Clozaril for about 7 years.

Posted 5 Aug 2018 by tysonk91 3 answers

He is also on valproic acid. After undergoing a 15 month regimen of ECT, he began having seizures which at times have been quite severe, and more recently experienced as "drop attacks." I am considering that he go off the Clozaril, but am unsure. Any thoughts about all this? Thanks. Ann

Can Valproic Acid in a child cause severe anger/aggression?

Posted 23 May 2014 by leinad75 4 answers

My child is ADHD, we adopted him prior to him being 1 and he comes from a mother and father with many mental health issues. Mom is diagnosed OCD, ADD, mild retardation and schizophrenia. He is slightly developmentally delayed and showed obvious signs of ADHD at around 4 years old but is an overall ...

Heart palpitations a side effect of valproic acid (Depakene/Depakine/Depakote)?

Posted 19 Feb 2015 by K73 2 answers

Hi, Had to take 250 mg of Depakine (Depakene/depakote) for my mood (subscribed from my housedoctor. Took it 11 days. Quit on monday because of severe side effects (heavy legs, sweating, heart palpitations, etcetera). It's funny that the heart palpitations are not mentioned in the leaflet over ...

Can you take it while on valproic acid (convulex)?

Posted 30 Jul 2010 by chippy-girl 1 answer

I have contracted giardia (I am in a bush village in Africa at the moment) and cannot take flagyl - is it a flagyl dirivative? There is a pharmacy but no GP. I will need to get a GP to fax in a script.

Bipolar Disorder - I am taking 1500mg Depakote and 150 mg lamictal. Anyone know why my pdoc?

Posted 21 Nov 2013 by Poppe13 1 answer

I am taking 1500 mg Depakote and 150 mg lamictal. Does anyone know why my pdoc wouldn't just have me on lamictal? Has anyone transitioned from valproic acid to lamictal? If so what was the effect?

Mild Hair Loss from Valproic acid what does Mild mean? Will hair grow back if stop taking?

Posted 21 Jul 2012 by bill352 1 answer

.Or is it permanent? Hair concern is balding for Male age 64 My Father was balding by age 35 Late in life my Mother had very thin hair and balding problems after age 60

Valproic Acid - can I change my valproate from Epilim to Orfiril iused epilim for 2 years?

Posted 31 Jan 2012 by siamak 1 answer

i would like to know the diference between these 2 drugs

I am currently taking Valproic Acid and would like to know if I am able to drink Red Wine?

Posted 27 Jul 2013 by fastfreddie22 2 answers

I suffered a stroke in Feb. 2009 and have been on the medication ever since. I currently am taking 500 mg twice a day. My doctor has just recently told me it is ok to have a glass or two every night but want a second opinion.

Valproic Acid - how is it that valproate helps a child with a learning disability?

Posted 15 Nov 2013 by awesomess 1 answer

recently my nephew had a brain wave test and the doctor suggested we get him started on magnesium-valproate as a long term treatment for the rest of his life. I'm concern because I don't want my child to have to depend on a medication and then in case of stopping med I'm concern ...

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