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Praluent - When will side effects get better. 1 injection and 2 weeks later still feeling horrible.?

Posted 20 Jul 2017 by Cenicna 1 answer

... Muscles pain in upper back, shoulders and neck. Sore throat, headaches, burning chest, sinuses all messed up. Can not take statins. Does my body just need to adjust to medication

First Fosamax 3 days ago I hurt all over, is that normal ?

Posted 10 May 2017 by Dixie38 0 answers

I just started taking Fosamax. On Sunday, by that night I hurt all over. Is this normal and will it go away. My upper back and knees are affected most. I'm having trouble turning over in bed. Then when I get up my joints hurt. Yes I'm taking calcium 500 w/ d twice a day. I didn't ...

My boyfriend been having upper back pain I been told that magnesium is good for that?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by Carolyn212 1 answer

What dosage should I give him and will I give him stomach pains to my knowledge this will be his first time taking it so I just want to make sure it is good for that

I've been having bad gas while taking Pradaxa. Also severe gut pain at times that causes pain in my?

Posted 22 Mar 2017 by Aluv4mia 0 answers

... upper back. Sometimes the pain moves to lower intestines. My stool isn't the same either. Has anyone had these issues?

Peripheral Neuropathy - Has anyone experienced intense pain in the upper back of the leg that feels?

Posted 19 Feb 2017 by fatheroffour 1 answer

... like a hamstring pull. I have neuropathy since 2001. I have experienced the pain in my feet first, then in my fingers and hands but this is something that just started two weeks ago. I am trying to figure out if this new pain is related to my neuropathy or not. It is intense and making it very ...

Part of my face has become puffy between my nose and top of mouth on left side?

Posted 5 Jan 2017 by dadadadada 0 answers

I had a toothache in the upper back, left side, for about 3 days before and my gums and inside mouth upper left was hurting, but my dentist didn't point out any issues in that area not long ago after cleaning and check up. But, I am worried about the puff outside my face between my nose, down ...

Numbness in upper back?

Posted 2 Dec 2016 by knpriest 0 answers

I've been having a feeling of numbness on my upper back, between my shoulder blades for a few weeks now. It feels like I've gotten a shot of numbing from the dentist, and over the past few weeks, the area I have this feeling has spread over a larger area. What could this be?

I have been taking Tramadol 50mg. 4xday for about 5 years. It started when I went to my regular dr?

Posted 12 Aug 2016 by redwing123 1 answer

... complaining of upper back pain that was relentless (still do no have a diagnosis) and she prescribed this stuff without any hesitation. I had no idea what I was getting myself into--I trusted she knew what was best. I had never taken any drug like this, but found it to work and I was happy to ...

Is upper back pain/ shoulder pain common when taking Janumet XR and Valsartan?

Posted 7 Nov 2016 by Mamahill 0 answers

I've stopped taking Valsartan over the weekend to see if that would help with the upper back/shoulders pain. It's Sunday evening, and I've still have it. I've also been nauseous off and on. Is this common?

I take Zoloft 50 mg everyday, I recently hurt my upper back and still have a bottle of naproxen?

Posted 8 Sep 2016 by asousa1980 2 answers

Am I able to take Zoloft 50 mg and naproxen??

Methylprednisolone - In the long run after taking this medicine does the pain come back?

Posted 23 Dec 2015 by Aunt Katie 2 answers

I have had upper back pain for 6 months and at times its so bad I can't even take it. I am on the 6 day 21 pill course and was wondering after I'm off it will my pain come back?

Upper back/chest soreness when taking a deep breath?

Posted 28 Aug 2015 by lyonsjor 1 answer

I've had this issue since last October and I'm really hoping that someone can help. I've had a pain in my upper back (mostly the left side) that sometimes extends to my chest as well. For a long time, everything felt relatively normal except for when I would sneeze or take a deep ...

I have had a burning upper back chest, for over eight years. it disappears sometimes and when it co?

Posted 1 Aug 2016 by samweloyoo 0 answers

i have had a burning upper back chest, for over eight years. it disappears sometimes and when it comes back like this time, it stretches just from behind the scapula to the middle section, left side of my back. when am studying i have to sit in a posture that puts pressure on the upper left back to ...

Fibromyalgia - I added upper back pain to my other pains when I withdrew from amphetamines. Lying on

Posted 4 Jun 2016 by dannyz_au 2 answers

... my arms helps, due to my poor blood flow, but is there a permanent solution?

Husband just started taking Gabapentin, this is day 2. Has anyone experienced quick short?

Posted 27 Apr 2016 by New Gabapentin user 2 answers

... breathing-like trying to catch your breath while they were sleeping? Has anyone else had this. Taking it for upper back pain that just staryed due to bulging/herniated disc.

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