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Topiramate Questions

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Does topiramate cause weight loss?

Does topiramate cause hair loss?

Are Topamax and Trokendi XR the same thing?

What is topiramate used to treat?

How does Trokendi XR help with weight loss?

When is the best time of day to take Trokendi XR?

How fast does Trokendi XR work for migraines?

How significant is the risk of attention & memory loss with topiramate?

I was recently prescribed Topamax (the generic, actually) for migraines but I am terrified because even at 25mg twice daily my memory seems affected. Will this go away? Will it get worse?

Topamax/Topiramate Users? Here's my story - what's yours?

Hi! I just started the long wind up dosage of Topamax last night. So far, so good haha! I have read mostly positive reviews from the folks who are using it for weight loss, and mostly negative reviews from the ones who were prescribed the drug for migraines. I see a connection. MY goal has always... read more

Should you eat healthy in order to lose weight on topamax?

Hi, Im new to topamax and started it today I am aware that a common symptom is weight loss. From what I understand the weight loss is caused by lack of appitite so that makes sense of course you would lose weight if you are eating heaps less but a lot of other reviews say that they haven't... read more

Does Topamax cause bladder control problems?

I have been taking 100 mg of topiramate daily for about a decade I think. I can't remember how long because my memory is terrible but it has been a very long time. About a year ago I had to begin ditropan XL 10 mg daily for my incontinence issue. I had to pee about fifteen times a day and... read more

Qsymia - Is anyone taking phentermine and topiramate as two separate pills?

My dr prescribed me 37.5 phentermine and 25mg of topiramate, instead of the combo pill. Is anybody else on this or was before it became a combo pill? Today was my first day I didn't feel the phentermine at all I guess I just felt different all day.

Does anyone know how to lessen the tingling in your feet and hands side effect of Topiramate?

I'm currently on 50mg twice a day and experience intense tingling mostly in my feet several times a day. That is my main side effect other that not wanting to really drink soda and losing weight(no complaints there) and a bit of memory loss. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to rid of... read more

Topiramate - How Long Does it take for Topamax to Start Working for Migraines?

Hi, I have only been taking Topamax for about 3 weeks (25mg AM and 50mg PM). I haven't even really had many bad side effects either. Some dizziness in the beginning, but not too bad. I also take Forfivo XL, which is basically Welbutrin XL but with 450mg all in one pill. I actually think this... read more

Topamax topiramate weightloss experience dosage?

Hi. I started on Topamax 15 mg a month ago, and now a week ago upped the dosage to 125 mg. (have gradually upped it every week. Sorry for my english, im not english). I have not experienced any weight loss at all, until this week. I have lost about 1,5 kg and lost a lot of apetite suddenly. I... read more

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