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Is Alprazolam and xanax the same thing?

Posted 16 Jun 2011 by luckyme3530 5 answers

Pregnant and still on my prescribed xanax, how safe is this if at all?

Posted 16 Aug 2009 by phebbs1 10 answers

I have been on xanax for about 10 years now, its the only thing that helps for my panic attacks, social anxiety, phobias, im just afraid of facing the outside world with out it..Just simply bringing my daughter to school is hard for me. The xanax helps to get through these routine things in life. ...

Can you mix norco & xanax? is it safe?

Posted 11 Mar 2010 by tessyj61 8 answers

Developed Tinnitus After 3 Weeks on Lexapro. Will This Go Away? What Should I Do?

Posted 17 Feb 2010 by Daan87 27 answers

I started taking Lexapro 4 weeks ago. Everything went fine until the third week when i developed tinnitus. At first I didn`t worry about it because it`s a rare but known side effect of the drug and i thought it would go away soon. Then it got worse. It got to a volume thats keeping me awake at ...

Just picked up refill of Xanax. My doc wrote new script different quanity. Can I get them now?

Posted 3 May 2012 by Justin2006 12 answers

It went from 1mg three times daily and I picked those up a few days ago. Now it is 1mg five times daily

Does anyone know if opiate pain meds can cause tinnitus?

Posted 1 Mar 2011 17 answers

I am (unfortunately) taking Norco, and me ears are ringing a bit, I find this just a wee annoying! Anyone else experiencing this? It seems to be exacerbated by water in my ears as well.

Can long term use of tramadol HCL cause tinnitus?

Posted 26 Jan 2015 by Tara65 14 answers

My 56 yr old husband has been on tramadol HCL 150 mg 2x daily for about 3 years for chronic knee pain he started to have ringing in both ears about 2 months ago and now takes a sleep aid to get to sleep. worried about the tramadol overall health effect.

I have been prescribed Serc betahistine for tinnitus. I found out that is?

Posted 1 Dec 2011 by mg42man 3 answers

This drug is for meniers disease, which i dont have... od anything, my ears are too dry. Can eccessive use of codeine, paracetamol along with very high doses of antihistimes, cause severe tinitus, if so, will it reduce as i break the doses down to recomended levels. I am very afraid i am stuck with ...

Anyone ever use Klonopin after bad detox on Xanax?

Posted 12 May 2010 by nikicole1986 6 answers

I had extremely bad withdrawals from Xanax so doc was worried i would have seizure so she put me on it .5 2 times a day for month then taper down every month with lower dose think that will work? MY heart rate was 142 at docs could barely breath face so tight jumpy shaky pale in motion constantly ...

Prozac and tinnitus?

Posted 29 Mar 2012 by james989 5 answers

Been given Prozac for anxiety. I've heard it can cause tinnitus and it can be permanent, scared to take it. What are the chances of getting Tinnitus from it and do side effects usually subside, I've heard Prozac is ototoxic and can even cause deafness and damage your body?

How do you successfully manage tinnitus, or ringing of the ears?

Posted 26 May 2012 by Kvasconez 5 answers

I have both cervical spinal stenosis (growths on C3-C7 vertebra) and fibromyalgia. I am addressing the pain and insomnia/fatigue merry-go-round, but I have tinnitus that is driving me NUTS! Any suggestions, homeopathic or drugs, that will help reduce it? I don't watch TV or music, so most ...

Can I take only help pill of a 0.5 xanax and benefit from it?

Posted 7 Nov 2012 by AbbyCA 5 answers

I have been having mild anxiety/panic on and off for the last month and a half and was only taking st. johns wort but it did not really help and had to finally ask my doctor for something that would calm me down, however I do not feel I need a high dose, just a little bit of help so I'm not ...

Anyone else has tinnitus(ringing in their ears) from long terrm opiate use?

Posted 21 Oct 2011 by runnermom56 5 answers

Folks, it's been over a month that I have been clean from sub..the w/ds have mostly stopped(still some goosebumbs and tummy stuff but not bad) and I have no desire to go back there..ever! That I am sure about. My body/mind feels better every day but I have a couple symptoms that I notice more ...

Has anyone found anything better than xanax-XR for panic attacks and anxiety? It works great for me?

Posted 27 Nov 2011 by greygallow 5 answers

I have been on quite a few benzos for aniety/ panic attacks but so far have found this to be the best one yet. An overall even feel all day as u only have to take 1 every 12 hours. However, i'm only being presribed 30 a month, what about the other 12 hours in the day? do they ever prescribe 60 ...

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