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Can you mix norco & xanax? is it safe?

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mpvt 11 Mar 2010

Hydrocodone and xanax mixed together can be a lethal combination if you haven't taken them together before. If your doctor has prescribed you both of these meds then call the pharmacist were you got the prescriptions and ask the pharmacist. Opiates mixed with benzodiazapines are the leading cause of respiratory failure and death. So don't take them unless 1 doctor ordered you both... Be careful... Dave

linked 19 Mar 2012

not to safe... will get you really high... i use to mix 60mg of roxy iv and take 2mg of xanax and get blowed... you sould be safe dont over do it. if you have a low tolerance to opiates take a low amount try one pill and maby 1mg of xanax and see how you fell just dont go past 1mg of xanax and then you can take whats needed after about 40-50 mins just give it time to all kick in then take a nother narco if needed

linked 19 Mar 2012

by the way im not telling you how to get high im just trying to tell you what could happen and how to keep your self from killing your self.i been sober for one month and dont want any one going through what im going through ... btw that combo is really addictive

broknleg 10 Jan 2014

Hi guys I had a question? I recently had a surgery to my leg it broke they gave me dilaudid for the pain but it's to strong... so my mom gave me hydrocodine..With acetophamine... but I have panic attacks. it safe to take with 2mg.of ativan..I only took 1 hydrocodine like 20 min ago.? Thanks

Bhar99999 4 Sep 2015

If you mix to much you will lose either your arm or your left toenail. Happened to me multiple times. Luckily the doctor was able to save my toenail. My arm wasn't so lucky. You might also go into a high state of hallucinations. I saw strawberries eating bananas. They are both in the berry family. So that's cannibalism. Crazy but lethal if you take two 2mg Xanax and half of a Tylenol.

ive_been_there 30 Nov 2015

You're an ass. You lost your arm multiple times? That's crazy... you must have several to spare. It's funny, but think about still... To whomever read that post, I really hope you know sarcasm when you see it.

It's true though, strawberries and bananas are both in the berry family. Snapple fact.

brussell1120 18 Apr 2017

As a family doctor I can assure you that if your Physician has prescribed narco and Xanax that it is very safe to take both of them. As long as you are taking the correct dosage. For instance, if you are taking 2 Xanax 0.5mg. and 1 narco 7.5 together, you are fine. Just always go by what your Doctor prescribed you. Brittany J. Russell M.D.

Mommysara 12 May 2017

You are a family doctor and just agreed to this. And in my state they are outlawing it. Saying it can NOT be prescribed together anymore. free discount card

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