Folks, it's been over a month that I have been clean from sub..the w/ds have mostly stopped(still some goosebumbs and tummy stuff but not bad) and I have no desire to go back there..ever! That I am sure about. My body/mind feels better every day but I have a couple symptoms that I notice more now than I did before. I have a constant ringing or hissing in my ears and it's very annoying! Anyone else experience this and if so, what do you do for it? I am also trying to deal with the fibro pain. I see an accupuncturist next week,. Obviously the opiates and sub blocked alot of pain that I had and now I can actually feel it, ten fold. I am taking Mobic and flexeril(Dr rx.d) and tykenol PRN.
Hope you all have a happy Friday!
I am off to run in the's 39 degrees in Georgia this morning! BRRR!
Will check back with you later!