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Thyroid Cancer Questions

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Can I take only half of my 10 mg Xarelto medication a day because the whole 10mg bothers me too muc?

Posted 27 Mar 2017 by Maureen Walker 3 answers

When I take the whole 10mg on a consistent basis, after a few days I feel very anxious and nervous. Is there anything that I can do that will lessen this effect. I have had thyroid cancer which was successfully treated but I have a difficult time taking thyroid medication also. Any help you can ...

I had thyroid cancer and had a total thyroidectomy. I now take 100 levothyroxine every day?

Posted 14 Mar 2017 by SuzieQ2 2 answers

I have gained 16 pounds. I don't feel well anymore. I want to stop taking this med bit am afraid I could die. Can I stop taking it and be okay?

I had thyroid cancer and had my thyroid removed. I've been having trouble finding a dr so I haven't?

Posted 3 Mar 2017 by Aprildutch 2 answers

Had medicine in like 3 weeks. Can it give you chest pain

What is the difference between Cabometyx and Cometriq?

Posted 1 Jun 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Synthroid - I had thyroid cancer and my thyroid was removed completed, now 3 years later I have send

Posted 19 Nov 2016 by lilidaiben 1 answer

... to nuclear medicine again because something is growing in my left side neck, the nuclear med said stop thyroid medicine two weeks before the test, but I jnow I can't stop taking my med, i try to contact my endocrinology but is being imposible to talk with her, so what can happen if I ...

Cosentyx - I had thyroid cancer last November I had an invesive surgery also radiation for 30 days.?

Posted 14 Nov 2016 by Dilliec57 0 answers

... I had had plaque psoriasis on my elbows and knees for 20plus years and getting worse. Could I take Cosentyx?

Armour Thyroid - My thyroid was removed several years ago because of thyroid cancer. My prescription

Posted 26 Jun 2016 by Marji_54 0 answers

... is for, alternating days, 60 and 90 mg. I feel horribly exhausted all the time and cannot lose any weight even if I eat almost nothing, I am actually gaining weight. I recently read that the normal dosage for someone with hypothyroidism is 3 to 5 grains of Armor Thyroid. I looked up the ...

Lenvima - My dear is about to start treatment, and is concerned about the side effects. If you are?

Posted 8 Jul 2016 by Sumagi 0 answers

... on have been on treatment, could you please share your experience? Thank you very much

Doctor lowered my Synthroid because thyroid levels were low. I don't have a thyroid.Still right?

Posted 19 Mar 2016 by Playtaps4me 0 answers

I had thyroid cancer and had half of my thyroid removed. Over the years the other half has atrophied into basically nothing. My doctor tested my thyroid levels yesterday and they were too low. She is lowering my Synthroid dose from 112 micrograms to 100 micrograms. I don't really understand ...

Is it safe to take Garcinia G3000 if I take blood pressure meds and a history of thyroid cancer?

Posted 6 Apr 2016 by slhowell1 1 answer

I was put on blood pressure meds back in december and I had a complete thyroidectemy back in 2009 and take thyroid meds. I am wanting to take Garcinia G3000 and Green Coffee G3000.

This question is regarding our son of 42 yrs. He is currently on Lenvatinib, and having problems?

Posted 28 Feb 2016 by Miranee 1 answer

... with pain in his feet. Is anyone here suffering from this also. He was diagnosed 16 months ago with Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer. He has undergone many operations, because the cancer was in his bones. He has had Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Isotope isolation therapy, and lots of other ...

What are the side effects when someone stops taking lenvima because of its side effects?

Posted 11 Feb 2016 by pmanwari 0 answers

My 80-year old friend has anaplastic thyroid cancer which is not responsive to iodine. She has been given lenvima which has had severe side effects, hair loss, fatigue, immense trouble breathing, muscle and gastrinomic problems. She has stopped taking the drug even though she knows that this will ...

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000 while being pregnant with twin girls. Once diagnosed I?

Posted 23 Jun 2015 by MichelleMarieM 1 answer

... had to wait until I was able to give birth to my daughter's to have my thyroid removed, which seemed like FOREVER! I have only taken synthroid and for the first 5-8 yrs my levels were good, but since then and to this day my levels are way off. My last tsh was 29 and the one before that was ...

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