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Am under isotroin 20 mg medication?

Posted 3 Oct 2013 by prathibha 1 answer

Iam under ISOTROIN 20 medication since 20 days. My acnes are getting cleared day by day but my skin seems to be reddish in color (like sunburn), my eyes keep burning all day long, a slight headache throught out the day, inactiveness, depression ,this month periods also was painfull. this are the ...

Imiquimod - Aldara for actinic keratosis?

Posted 19 Oct 2017 by RunnerMom 0 answers

Tonight marks my 9th treatment for Ak on my nose but was told to use all over my face. So far all I have noticed is a little redness that feels like a mild sunburn. I’m curious if it’s actually working or if I was misdiagnosed!? I will say that in the exact spot she said was AK I have ...

Has anyone experienced a rash with burns, similar to severe sunburn as a side effect to Aptiom?

Posted 1 Aug 2017 by Bartho 0 answers

A friend of mine had taken Aptiom for about 2 weeks when she awoke scratching her chest and realized an unusual bumpy rash, as if her skin was "fried." When she looked in the mirror she saw dark pink splotches, as well, on her chest. It immediately began spreading to other parts of body. ...

Can I take a NyQuil tablet while taking acyclovir tablet?

Posted 9 Jul 2017 by Lamekid17 0 answers

Im fighting a terrible battle between cold sores on my lips, lip sunburns and a sore throat. Only prescribed 15 tablets and stopped at 13. Haven't had any tablets ( they don't really make much of a difference for me, but I recently found out they need to be taken within the first 3 days ) ...

How long should you use silver sulfadiazine on a sunburn?

Posted 9 Jun 2017 by MeitzM01 0 answers

My doctor prescribed this for my bad sunburn (some blistering) on both my legs. She told me to put it on both my legs over the entire sunburn. It has been 3 days and honestly I am tired of wrapping my legs like a mummy under my work cloths. One of the blisters popped so I understand still using it ...

How can I recover from long-time sunburn?

Posted 31 May 2017 by ghatanothoa10066 0 answers

I have very fair skin, Type 1 on the Fitzpatrick Scale, and live in a tropical country. As such, almost every building is either practically outdoors or has huge windows which are kept open, which means that I am constantly exposed to the sun. I have been silly enough to not use sunscreen, so now ...

I have a bad sunburn and used your solarcaine cool aloe and I now have blisters. Im not sure if it?

Posted 26 Jul 2016 by Jaredwilson27 0 answers

... is related to this product. I feel it is because i got this sunburn on friday and its now tuesday

What is the sunburn type pain on my skin?

Posted 28 May 2016 by Whitemi5 2 answers

I have have a sunburn type pain on two spots of my skin with no rash or injury. The area is size of a baseball on my stomach and the size of my hand on the small of my back- left side. The pain ranges from extreme to moderate and has not subsided. Any thoughts?

Been on Otezla 7 moths with no side effects. Got sunburn and now I have hives and swelling of my?

Posted 4 Jun 2016 by beaboop7 0 answers

... face, hands,legs, feet just all over. Could this be from Otezla and the sun?

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome - Do I hace to worry I have sjs with the following symptoms:?

Posted 13 Jan 2016 by crunchies4me 0 answers

... the nipples that was sore and got agitated by bras. That seems to have mostly cleard up. This morning i woke up with a slight reddish miled sunburn looking rash on my face. Hurt nore this morning but less now. No other symptoms except a paibful bump on sode of tonguing. Thats happened before ...

I've been taking hydrochlorothiazide for about a month. It says on the bottle to avoid sun exposure?

Posted 24 Nov 2015 by aamamc 1 answer

... guessing it can make me sun sensitive? I take it in the morning, with breakfast. I've noticed that just being out in the sun for a short period of time I get really red in the face almost sunburn looking. No fever, just face is pink and hot to the touch. I'm never intentionally out in ...

Minocycline - How long before sun sensitivity returns to normal after finishing a course?

Posted 3 Mar 2015 by Mark-in-GR 1 answer

I take Minocycline fo adult acne. While I am on vacation in April in St. Thomas I will stop taking it to avoid the sun sensitivity side effect. How long does it take for that to go away? 100mg 2X Day

Why does my skin tan strangely after a sunburn?

Posted 26 Sep 2015 by molly9560 0 answers

A few months back, I got badly sunburnt even though I was wearing sunscreen. After roughly three months, today way the first time I was able to enjoy some sun again. Now the weird thing is, after a few minutes the skin on my arms started to tan but there's still loads of white spots inbetween ...

Deep Vein Thrombosis - First Event - Leg/ankle is really bothering me, is it DVT?

Posted 19 Apr 2015 by totallyforgiven 2 answers

About 3 weeks ago, when I got up, in the night, to use the restroom, it felt like my knee was messed up, I had gotten a really bad sunburn, so I associated it with that. But now the lower part of my right leg, mainly around the ankle is super red. Also, I could feel knots in my calf. Now it seems ...

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