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Stribild Questions

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Stribild - What is the full retail price of a 30 day supply?

Posted 14 Nov 2013 by calex589 2 answers

That is to say without insurance, coupons, or any other type of financial assistance. What would one pay if one were to purchase Stribild at full price?

Allergic to Sulfa and Clindamycin?

Posted 31 May 2016 by Roger232 1 answer

I am a 48 yo male HIV undetectable taken HIV medications Stribild and Prezista, Iam allergic to Sulfa and Clindamycin HCL I was wondering if Cephalexin 500 have Sulfa and Clindamyin HCLgredients ? Thank you for your help.

Stribild - Anyone having vision issues after starting this med?

Posted 11 Jan 2015 by Kokopellicliffs 3 answers

Third day on this med I had a sudden onset of a headache and spotty/blocked vision. Lasted for about three hours. Happened again four days later at the same time of day (evening). I take my med at the same time each morng with food. Vision issue and headache happen in the evening.

Is there anyone that has taken stribild for a long time here?

Posted 24 Sep 2013 by mejia9201 3 answers

I just want to know if I could get a response from anyone that has taken stribild for a long period of time to know the long term effects on the body.

How does Genvoya dosing compare to Stribild?

Posted 9 Mar 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Is it recommended to take Stribild in the morning or at night?

Posted 25 May 2014 by dpj300c 1 answer

I've been fatigued since I started Stribild. I'm assuming it's the medication. I took Atripla for 4-5 years, but my Dr. thought I needed to change because Atripla was causing me bouts of depression?

Stribild - Is a rash and itching normal?

Posted 5 Jun 2013 by paulywalnutzz 1 answer

I just started stribild today and within a few hours I started to get really itchy and noticed a warm rash (mostly on my hands and wrists). Is this normal? I took a Benadryl ... I hope it goes away.

HIV Infection - I'm HIV positive since 1986. I'm at the last of the drugs available stribild and?

Posted 22 May 2014 by Roy Alan Wilkes 1 answer

... prezista and sustiva. all other drugs all of them I am resistant to. there will be no new drugs because there is such an array now. I need to join a group that is has an experimental drug or do you know of aany

Hi, has anyone noticed if it's better to take Stribild at night or in the morning?

Posted 26 May 2014 by dpj300c 1 answer

I've been on Stribild for approx 1 month. I took Atripla for approx 4 years prior to just changing to Stribild. I've been fatigued since I started Stribild?

Stribild - What is a hiv med that doesn't increase anger, depression, fatigue and weight gain?

Posted 24 Feb 2016 by sfloyd84 1 answer

Also distrust in people, paranoid, seeing, hearing, believing thinges that are not there.

Is the drug Stribild for HIV available in Ethiopia?

Posted 1 Jun 2017 by kebrel 1 answer

I have learned that there is no generic drug yet for Stribild. I need to know for a client if he would be able to get this prescription if he were living in Ethiopia.

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