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Stimulant Questions

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When should I take my adderall while I am taking Oxycodone 30 times a day? I am just wondering if it

... is dangerous since one is a stimulant and the other a depressent? I take 20 mg of adderall x 2 per day... I should be taking my adderall early but that is when my pain which we think is related to me possibly having lupus, is the worst so i wake up and take my oxycodone then wait until 2 pm or... read more

Why won't my psychiatrist let me try Adderall? Isn't it his job to treat me adequately?

Am 54 and FINALLY took a lengthy test confirming ADHD, (WAIS-IV) , was referred to a psychiatrist who CAN but WON'T let me try a stimulant. He gave me Wellbutrin. After10 days, I called him because I feel worse, not better. I am just sick of coward doctors. Many won't prescribe any drug... read more

Drug Test - I was just recently Prescribed Strattera (atomoxetine HCI) and I need to know if it will

... show up on a drugtest. I know that it is a "non-stimulant" but when I googled it I ran across some wiki's that said something about a false positive for amphetamines. Can someone clarify this for me ,Please???

Fleet Enema - I have been constipated for 2wks now... I took stool softener for 4days but when I?

... still hadn't gone I took a stimulant laxative that was expired, it gave me cramping but didn't work at all, so I took 2 doses of miralax in 24hrs but woke up this morning and was so uncomfortable with abdominal bloating, fullness and just so uncomfortable that I decided to try an... read more

Why do stimulants make me tired?

I have chronic fatigue and everything seems to make me tired. Especially stimulants.

Antidepressant vs. Stimulant for Major Depression?

Hello, I have been dealing with depression for a few years and have had little success with antidepressants: Lexapro, Cymbalta, Pristiq... Either no effect or only side effects and of course the withdrawal after stopping the medications. I became very turned off and scared of antidepressants... read more

Bipolar, medication, libido and recreational drugs?

I am bipolar type 2 and don't like being highly medicated. I'd rather just take something for anxiety if I could get away with it. My question is what recreational drugs are blocked by bipolar medications such as Abilify (antipsychotic), lamotrigine (anticonvulsant) and clonazepam... read more

Strattera 40mg per day - side effects?

I have recently started taking Strattera for ADD, inattentive type. I also have anxiety with it. Stimulants did not work for me as they made my anxiety worse. So I started Strattera 5 days ago, the first 3 days I felt calm, a bit nauseous, strangely really focused, I had euphoric goosebumps all... read more

Stimulants for ADHD people who experience paradoxical effects?

I was diagnosed with ADHD a year ago (35F). I found that stimulants, as with coffee, put me to sleep … and I don’t mean, they make me calm which I confused for sleepiness, I mean fatigued beyond functional. I tried a low dose Ritalin, it was amazing for my mental function but I was... read more

Does Adderall XR stop working?

I've been on Adderall XR for 2 1/2 years I've had to increase my dose periodically. I am at 80mg / day I was prescribed this for the stimulant effect. It is to help with the "fatigue" I have due to Multiple Sclerosis.

Clonidine for ADHD: how much do you take?

Hi! If you are taking clonidine for ADHD, could you tell me: 1) How much you take? 2) What time of the day do you take each dose? 3) Do you take it with stimulants (e.g. adderall)? Thank you so much!

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