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Does anyone have anxiety so bad that they can't leave their house?

Posted 16 May 2011 by kaylyn 94 answers

I haven't left mine in 9 months and its driving me crazy, I feel so helpless and some days I can't stand it but when I think about getting in the car and going somewhere I feel panic and think its too far to go. Panic starts setting in and I feel like I could die if I try it.

Is it possible to pull ur back out by coughing and sneezing at the same time?

Posted 14 Feb 2012 by Eve54 3 answers

last wed i coughed and sneezed at the same time and when i went to get up i could barely stand on my 2 feet, couldnt sit, walk, stand or even lay down and i felt something pull in my lower back and i felt a bump on my lower back like in the middle. what did i do now?

I am on prednisone and can't sleep and severe leg/knee pain is this normal?

Posted 29 Mar 2013 by Darlene Hewitt 5 answers

my face is swollen, legs weak, knee pain waking me up so pain cant' stand the pain is this caused from the prednisone?

How do I get off Seroquel xr - can't stand side effects?

Posted 5 Jan 2012 by akworley1 32 answers

I'm diagnosed with bipolar and ptsd - got on Lithium over a month ago and so far so good - however, the dr. added 300 mg of Seroquel xr and I'm having a terrible time with the side effects and I want to stop immediately. Can I just stop taking?

What can be causing pain and numbness from my right knees downwards?

Posted 28 Nov 2012 by Fadabim 5 answers

When I stand for a few minutes, say about ten to fifteen, I will begin to feel pain in my right knees and thereafter numbness in the leg from the knee downwards, as if there is no life there again. It will be cold as if not part of my body again, until I sit down for a while and keep rubbing it ...

I've been taking Simvastatin 40mg. tab once a day now for 10 months and of course I've had calf?

Posted 1 Apr 2012 by dfee 6 answers

... cramps at night while I sleep,fingers cramps every now and then,numbness and tingling in my feet when I stand on them for any length of time and flushing red face everyday which is my biggest side affect that bothers me the most.I'm going to see my doctor for my yearly physical and wanted ...

Lyrica + side effects, my wife is sleepy, how can this be corrected?

Posted 10 Mar 2011 by J M Chawla 10 answers

My wife suffers from severe back pain. Doctor has advised Lyrica to be taken once daily at 7 PM but she feels so sleepy & dizzy by 9PM that she cant stand. This is not the time to sleep for any head of family. It is feared that she might fall. Is it a side effect / normal reaction. How can this ...

Can I cut Paxil in half?

Posted 29 Aug 2014 by kjautry11 4 answers

I was prescribed 10mg of Paxil last Friday (7 days ago). I've been struggling with the side effects and I can't stand it. I feel very restless at night and don't sleep very well and yesterday I had a really bad fit on nausea and feeling faint. Last night I decided to cut it in half ...

What does PCN stand for?

Posted 22 Oct 2013 by Bunny Lady 2 answers

What causes dizzness when a person stands up or is doing work and has to straighten up?

Posted 19 days ago by catmeadow 1 answer

i am 70 years old and when I am working or bend over I get dizzy and feel like Im going to fall over. I do have high blood pressure but my medication doesn't seem to be the cause of the dizzyness

I have been on Nexium over 10 years and have several of the side effects.

Posted 3 Nov 2017 by good grief 0 answers

I have been on Nexium over 10 years and have several of the side affects. My tongue cannot even stand regular salsa without setting me on fire, dry mouth, pain below shoulder blades and UTI problems or feelslikethem all the time, just to name a few. What are the safest drugs , over the counter or ...

My puppie got smashed in the door on Saturday. They gave her tramadol and Guhpentine.

Posted 29 Oct 2017 by CrystalSmith 1 answer

She can't poop. She can barely stand due to injury, plus she is only 2 pounds. What can I give her to make her poop and more comfortable? Please help. It's unbearable watching your animals suffer.

Had gout in ankle and couldn't walk... Took Uloric around 7:30PM, woke up around 1:30AM in a pool of

Posted 31 Aug 2017 by Neutrino82 0 answers

... sweat... is this normal? Got up around 7:30AM... was able to stand and walk with minimal pain, ankle is still puffy, but at least the pain has diminished! Thanks Uloric!

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