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Can naproxen give false reading for THC ?

Posted 2 Aug 2016 by Lisaa1325 2 answers

I take naproxen twice a day & had to take a drug test for a job I was applying for . I showed up positive for marijuana but I don't smoke so could the medication give a false reading for THC?

I had hit a bowl 2 times on a weeked for 3 straight weekends how long does thc stay in system?

Posted 21 Feb 2017 by harleybug101 1 answer

i am 6 foot tall 239lbs i dont smoke very much need to know

I have started my Chantix back but not my starter pack and I'm still smoking I want to know why I'm?

Posted 29 Jul 2018 by Zyana 1 answer

... taking my Chantix can I still smoke or do I have to start my starter pack again

Vaping and Birth Control?

Posted 2 Aug 2017 by anon1475 1 answer

I know you are not allowed to smoke while on birth control but can you vape if it has no nicotine?

I started Chantix today. I have had very little urge to smoke. It's mostly the ritual of smoking?

Posted 21 Sep 2016 by sas12175 2 answers

... that I am so used to. Like taking a break at work to smoke or smoking after eating. Anyone have any suggestions on how to overcome the habit more than the craving? Like what do you do to replace going out to the smoke area at work for a break or what do you do after you eat?

Can I continue with Chantix after taking it for 35 days and still smoking, but much less?

Posted 3 Jun 2017 by sarah1948 1 answer

Is it safe to continue with Chantix if I still smoke? I have been smoking for 49 years, I tried to stop few times, but nothing helped, just reduced the amount I smoked, my question - I started Chantix it's now 35 days, but I still smoke, I cut down from much over a pack to up to 10 a day the ...

My dad is 70 years old. His carotid arteries are 99 percent clogged on both sides?

Posted 25 Oct 2018 by brandisum2003 1 answer

His carotid arteries are 99 percent clogged. Doctor says he can't have surgery because he wouldn't wake up. He has had 8 mini strokes and one major that affected only his speech. He smokes and I've tried everything he won't quit. He takes metoprolol, atorvastatin and lisinopril. ...

Can I smoke cigarettes while I am on Birth control? and can I drink alcohol too?

Posted 10 May 2015 2 answers

I know it is dangerous for women over 35 but I am 19, can I drink and smoke while i am taking Tri sprintec? Is it that bad for my health?

Hi everyone, I'm on day 4 of Chantix and yesterday was absolutely amazing. I actually FORGOT to?

Posted 25 Jul 2016 by leastaley123 1 answer

... smoke for an entire 2 hours!!! I went to two stores to shop and didn't even remember to light up once I got back into my car then I wasn't even thinking about it until approximately an hour later! And then when I did try to smoke I had to put it out halfway. Didn't even want it! ...

How long after a tonsillectomy can I smoke a ciggarette without getting dry socket ?

Posted 23 May 2015 by Katiehoot 1 answer

I had my procedure done Friday may 15th at 2:30 pm . I'm 17 years of age

32 weeks pregnant and need to know thc answers?

Posted 23 Aug 2015 by geluso22 1 answer

Im 32 weeks pregnant and quit smoking about ten days ago. It is sunday and I have to drop for thc testing on Wednesday. Please help me. I really do not want to go to jail. Im never going to smoke again just cause I do not want to deal with these problems it causes. Please help me find a safe way to ...

Warfarin - 1. I know I can't drink a lot but can I drink at all?

Posted 3 May 2016 by leekittycat 1 answer

2. Can I go on fairground rides? Maybe the smaller ones. 3. Can I smoke my ecig? 4. Can I do gentle exercise such as walking and more importantly squats etc? 5. What does my diet have to be like? 6. How long do you have to wear the surgical stockings? 7. Can I get tattoos or piercings?

Wellbutrin and Chantix makes me smoke more, why?

Posted 15 May 2016 by Gunnar58 1 answer

On day 4 of Chantix the taste of cigarettes are different! I'm just affraid on day 8 It's going to?

Posted 30 Jun 2016 by Irishnana1953 1 answer

Be really hard not to smoke at all I've quit before this has to be the final time I start smoking when I'm under stress and I have a lot right now do you think this will work for me?

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