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Sexual Dysfunction Questions

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Viibryd- My experience a year on it and now coming off of it?

Hi everyone! Since I too came here looking for advice and wanted to hear an honest opinion of people taking Viibryd before I began taking the medication a year ago, I wanted to share my experience with others so they could gain some perspective from a non-doctor and normal gal going through many of... read more

Gabapentin- female anorgasmia/sexual dysfunction?

I am taking 600 mg of gabapentin 3x a day as a mood stabiliser for my bipolar 2 disorder. It works beautifully for that. I feel great. I feel upbeat but calm at the same time, if that makes sense. The only problem is that it's causing sexual dysfunction. I'm a woman in my early 30s and... read more

Erectile Dysfunction - My husband has tried Levitra. He has diabetes and is 50 years old. I am 31?

... and we are newlyweds. He has tried Levitra however it isn't working and we now have arguments from this. I feel this is making our relationship worse. We have been married about six months and I have never had more than oral with him. My needs as a woman are not being met. After 30 minutes... read more

How does Viagra work?

I know it gives you an erection but ­how does it do that? And why does Viagra only work when the man is sexually stimulated?

Can I have permanent erectile dysfunction after taking 5mg of Lexapro for three days?

I'm 49 yr old male that has never had any sexual dysfunction in the past, but since taking Lexapro, I cannot maintain an erection and my penis feels numb. If I stop now, will the effects wear off quickly since I've only been on the medication 3 days?

Celexa - does the sexual dysfunction side effect ever go away?

Its completely killed my ability to orgasm! So frustrating!

What are some FDA approved drugs for ED (Erectile Dysfunction)?

My boyfriend has a hard time obtaining or maintaining an erection. He also has high blood pressure and since he takes high blood pressure meds, they could interfere with his sexual performance too. I have done some research on Viagra, Levitro and Cialis and the side effects from them make me... read more

What is vegalis?

Will diclofenac interfere with sexual erection?

Seroquel - Seroquel and sexual dysfunction?

I just stopped Seroquel/Quetiapine I was on 25 mg for 17 days and it caused loss of libido and no sex drive. I just stopped it. Has anyone experienced this and when should those symptoms go away and be back to normal. I was put on it because it usually doesn’t cause it, but I am real... read more

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