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Rosuvastatin Questions

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Low side effects with a statin medication?

Which statin has the least side effects? My husband is having a problem with extreme fatigue, muscle pain, and severe tinnitus since starting a statin, rosuvastatin, a couple of weeks ago. I would like to know if anyone is taking something that comes with less side effects. These side effects are... read more

How do you manage muscle pain with cholesterol drugs?

Generic Crestor?

Is Crestor available as a generic?

Rosuvastatin and Gabapentin side effects?

I have been on Gabapentin 400mg caop 3x a day for peripheral neuropathy of my legs. I have been on this medication for years. I am happy with this med with minimal side effects. I also take Rosuvastatin CA 20mg 1/2 tab at bedtime but I continually have arm and legs cramps mostly at night. Every... read more

What should you know about "Statin" Medications?

What medications could I take in place of clopidogrel, Rosuvastatin, and Losartin?

What could be prescribed that is safer for me than the three medicines clopidogrel, rosuvastatin and Losartan? I have a Long Stent in my heart artery, a lower left Ventricle Failure, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Spinal Degeneration, Osteoporosis, and Hips Bursitis. I also have lower leg injury... read more

What is my best drug to amoebiasis, given that I take rosuvastatin?

62 year old US citizen now living in the Philippines, has amoebiasis - for 3rd time since returning here to live - previously here for 2 years with Peace Corps (2010-2012) with only minor occurences. Also on Rosuvastatin for cholesterol and note many drug interactions - for metronidazole. However,... read more

My cholesterol levels are in normal range but on 3 cholesterol medications?

My doctor currently has me on the following Cholesterol medications: Rosuvastatin Calcium 40mg, Fenofibrate 150mg and Ezetimibe 10mg at same time. I am alarmed this may be too much! Any thoughts? He believes there is possible blockage in leg. Any thoughts on so much meds for same issue?

Rosuvastatin - When is the best time of the day to take this?

Will it have any other side effects with the medicines I'm taking Some meds do not mix well with others

Rosuvastatin - When should I take my medication?

Can rosuvastatin cause muscle pain after use for years with no problem?

My wife age now 82 years has been taking rosuvastatin 10 mg dose once a day for several years without much problem. She has started having pain in lower body, thighs, calves or feet for last few months. Is the pain likely to be due to rosuvastatin?

Is anyone else gaining weight on Crestor/rosuvastatin?

PCP upped dosage of rosuvastatin from 10 to 20 mg. I am hungry ALL THE TIME. My weight has stayed the same since college and I am now 70. Have gained 8 lbs in 6 months; nothing fits! All Google searches and my doc says there is no correlation between statins and weight gain except behaviorally,... read more

Lantus Solostar - Will lantus-solostar cause hard stool and constipation?

Am a type 2 diabetic and have been switched to the pen,started with low dose and gradully worked up,medication i was using (glyburide-metfoormin ) was slowly discontinued. I still take rosuvastatin ,6000 oral fish oil cap. am very happy with the pen,my doseage now is 55 units per day, have one... read more

Am I allowed to buy a 20mg dosage of Rosuvastatin and cut it into half before served?

Am I allowed to buy a 20mg dosage of Rosuvastatin and cut it into half before served? As my recommended dosage from doctor is 10mg, but actually 20mg rosuvastatin is cheaper

What interactions does grapefruit have with my drugs?

Do any of my drugs interact with Grapefruit?

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