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Does ropinirole cause light brown blotches on skin arms and legs?

been taking ropinirole Extended release for 6 months; have had PD for 3 years, and just noticed light brown blotches appearing on my arms and legs? is this caused by Ropinirole? Have you had others asking about this?

Does Ropinirole cause weight gain?

I noticed a fairly rapid weight gain since I started Ropinirole

Which over the counter supplement is equivalent to Requip (ropinirole) ?

I do not have a health plan insurance for coverage of Requip (ropinrole) I am not eligible for Medicare until the year of 2016. I'm retire and have been diagnosis of the condition shaken leg syndrome. Is there an over the counter supplement ?

Ropinirole - How long does it take to get ropenirole out of your system?

My husband is having serious side effects and is going to stop taking. We just want to know how long it takes to get out of system.

Ropinirole - how do you lose the weight requip made you gain?

I have been on 3MG requip at hs for about 3 YRS for RLS. I also have severe CRPS (diagnosed 2010) of both my legs had a MEDTRONICS UNIT put in (2013) and then taken out. It never worked and had to use meds also. I got very ill from a new pain medication and lost so much weight my MEDTRONICS UNIT... read more

Does ropinirole cause seizures?

I take it for Parkinson's but I also have Epilepsy and I am curious if it's contributing to my seizures.

Are there any natural substitutes for Ropinirole?

I have used Ropinirole for 7 years and found great relief!! However, as a pilot, the medication is not allowed! If I want to Keep flying, I must find an alternative. Tried Sinemet with NO success!!! Any ideas?

Does it take a while for gabapentin to build up in system and work?

I have horrible restless legs that are also during the day and now in my right arm. I am going NUTS. I started 0.25mg ropinirole and am up to 3mg (1.5 yrs). I'm now getting ready to increase even more. I know this medication has adaptation and I want to stop taking it. I started 200mg... read more

How do Parkinson's disease medications work?

Is Ropinirole HCL a narcotic?

Ropinirole HCL I want to find out if it is a narcotic and can it make you fail a drug test?

Is it okay to break Ropinirole tablets in half to see if that will help with side effects?

just started taking 1mg every night, is really helping the rls, but I am very nauseous and fatigued

What is Ropinirole and can it be taken with Valium?

I am tapering down off of Opiates and a family member gave me Ropinirole and said they would help with my leg cramps. Please advise. Thanks

Can you take ropinirole and xanax?

Ropinirole - Can not take a nap in the afternoon because of RLS?

I take Ropinirole 2mg 2 hours before going to bed that is it. But when I want to take a nap after lunch my legs goes crazy. When I take Ropinirole it makes me sleepy; that is why I take it only at night. I'm afraid if I take it in the afternoon, it will make me sleepy. What should I do ( I... read more

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