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Insomnia: How to take Mirtazapine (Remeron) 7.5 MG for best results?

Posted 4 Sep 2014 by AmandaU 3 answers

I have insomnia, under what conditions should I take Mirtazapine (Remeron) 7.5 MG to get the best sleep results? On an empty stomach or with a meal? Right before going to sleep or a few hours before? I ask because I recently tried Ambien, which did nothing to help me. I was so desperate for sleep ...

What dose of Remeron do you take as sleep aid and antidepressant?

Posted 28 Apr 2012 by haley4540 8 answers

For those of you who take remeron for a sleep aid as well as an AD, what mg are you on? I'm on my 2cd week of 30 mg, and I know it takes 4 weeks to work as an antidepressant, but I'm still not having the best sleep. I read some posts that 15mg is for insomnia, and after that you can get ...

Depression & Anxiety - How long does Remeron take to work?

Posted 23 Apr 2012 by haley4540 6 answers

I tried zoloft, trazadone and neither of those worked for me. I still feel this deep depression, anxiety, irritable, etc. How fast does it usually work???

Mirtazapine - What is a good alternative to Remeron for depression?

Posted 28 Jul 2009 by Ln6368 6 answers

I have taken Remeron for about 5 years along with Lamictal and it has brought my depression to an acceptable level. However, the side affects of gaining weight by always wanting to eat and decreased sexual desire and capability are having a negative impact on my life. I would like to find an ...

Does anyone take remeron in the morning? My problem was/is no anxiety relief during the day.?

Posted 29 Sep 2013 by indy1069 5 answers

... I felt good at night (calm), but it never carried thru to the next day until the next nightly dose. A pdoc said to split the dose between morning and night. I was taking 30 mg nightly, but was told to stop by my GP. Started lexapro, got very sick. Pdoc got involved and said go back to ...

Should I start taking Trintellix while I am weaning off Effexor?

Posted 11 days ago by SadlyPlump 0 answers

I had been on 300 mg of Effexor for 10+ years along with Remeron 30 mg at night. I cut Effexor back to 150mg and Remeron back to 15 mg with no problems. My doctor wanted to try Trintellix for me. So I am down to 37.5 of Effexor and am and 15 Remeron at night. Going from 2 37.5 capsules of Effexor ...

How long should I wait to take another prescription drug safely after taking Flexeril?

Posted 12 days ago by Hanna_ariel 0 answers

I took a Flexeril at 3:30am on Friday and I was wondering when I’d be able to take Remeron? I’m just very nervous.

How long does it take for the grogginess to wear off during Remeron treatment?

Posted 25 Jun 2013 by Cathleen186 3 answers

I've only been on Remeron (15mg) for a week, but I'm sort of the impatient type. I am wondering when will the intense grogginess lessen? It's not the type of sleepiness where you can take a nap to get rid of it. It lasts about 10 hours. I feel somewhat detached from my body and ...

Seroquel, Remeron, Melatonin, cyproheptadine as sleep aids?

Posted 25 Mar 2018 by KitaZig 1 answer

So I'm on all of the above as sleep aids. 300 mg of Seroquel (or quetiapine), 7.5 mg of Remeron (or mirtazapine), 6 mg of Melatonin, and 4 mg of Cipro. My question is this. I took all of these around 8 pm, I was in bed out cold by 8:30 pm. The police came pounding on my door around 10 pm and ...

What is the difference between mirtazapine & trazodone?

Posted 8 Feb 2018 by bhouse 2 answers

I had bad dreams on mirtazapine (Remeron). Now taking trazodone instead. I have dreams with this one, also. Seems like with the Remeron I would go to sleep faster. Not sure if I should change back. Knowing the difference in the 2 medicines may help me to make the best choice. Thank you

Remeron - What if a dose is skipped?

Posted 24 Apr 2018 by EdieRobinson 0 answers

I have been taking 150 mg of Zoloft, 20mg of buspirone and 7mg of Remeron for...

Posted 5 Apr 2018 by IloveJeff2 0 answers

... sleep, and I am extremely anxious. I've been on this cocktail for about three weeks. This is the second time around for me for the Zoloft. I tried a few other medicines in between because Zoloft wasn't working as well as it had been. After these medicines didn't help that much, I ...

Remeron plus Wellbutrin? Remeron has been the antidepressant that has worked the best and I've been?

Posted 10 Feb 2018 by luke uno 1 answer

een on doses from 15-60mgs with 30 being the best I think. It helps get me to about 40% better and I get no SE's other than terrible weight gain (like 60lbs in a year) and I was kinda overweight to start with. I asked to be taken off it for that reason and was put on Wellbutrin XL 150mgs then ...

Does anyone have a favorite brand of Remeron (mirtazapine)? I used to take Aurobindo then....

Posted 11 Feb 2018 by steve333 1 answer

... it seemed to stop working, then I tried Mylan and now Teva which doesn't seem to be doing a thing. The Aurobindo at least seemed like it was doing something. I assume the name brand would be very expensive so just wondering if anyone has had good luck with their generic? I currently went ...

Trazodone - can this make you less active and not as happy during the day?

Posted 9 Aug 2011 by DonnaES 5 answers

My son is taking 30mg remeron, 0.1mg clonidine and now trazodone for sleep?My son has insomnia and has taken clonidine and remeron for years and recently, 3 weeks ago, started trazodone as well. First 200mg and I had seen he was very sleepy all day and I went to 100mg 5 days ago. I noticed he is ...

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