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Does Remeron help with sleep?

Could this be an allergic reaction to melatonin?

Its happened slowly over the course of 10 days, but ive developed very itchy skin, with tiny hives, mainly my arms and my scalp itches. It gets worse at night and when i take my melatonin , 3 or 5mg, an hour later it tends to get worse. Im taking melatonin because i just finished being tapered off... read more

What dose of Remeron do you take as sleep aid and antidepressant?

For those of you who take remeron for a sleep aid as well as an AD, what mg are you on? I'm on my 2cd week of 30 mg, and I know it takes 4 weeks to work as an antidepressant, but I'm still not having the best sleep. I read some posts that 15mg is for insomnia, and after that you can get... read more

Depression & Anxiety - How long does Remeron take to work?

I tried zoloft, trazadone and neither of those worked for me. I still feel this deep depression, anxiety, irritable, etc. How fast does it usually work???

Insomnia: How to take Mirtazapine (Remeron) 7.5 MG for best results?

I have insomnia, under what conditions should I take Mirtazapine (Remeron) 7.5 MG to get the best sleep results? On an empty stomach or with a meal? Right before going to sleep or a few hours before? I ask because I recently tried Ambien, which did nothing to help me. I was so desperate for sleep... read more

Mirtazapine - What is a good alternative to Remeron for depression?

I have taken Remeron for about 5 years along with Lamictal and it has brought my depression to an acceptable level. However, the side affects of gaining weight by always wanting to eat and decreased sexual desire and capability are having a negative impact on my life. I would like to find an... read more

Anxiety and Remeron - If it's not working after 4 weeks, then what??

I just finished my first month on Remeron (Mirtazapine) and although my depression has lessened, my anxiety has not. Should I ask my dr. to switch? I also have "different" kind of anxiety..I am not a neat, organized person (but not a slob), and all of a sudden the "clutter" in... read more

Medication - Has anyone ever taken low dose mirtazapine (Remeron) for sleep?

I’ve taken it for 10 days and I sleep well, but the next day’s reaction is troubling. I am nauseous and agitated.

Does anyone take remeron in the morning? My problem was/is no anxiety relief during the day.?

I felt good at night (calm), but it never carried thru to the next day until the next nightly dose. A pdoc said to split the dose between morning and night. I was taking 30 mg nightly, but was told to stop by my GP. Started lexapro, got very sick. Pdoc got involved and said go back to remeron,... read more

Overeating on Remeron?

Help! I just started taking Remeron, and I can't stop eating. I'm craving sugar 24/7, and no matter what i eat I just want more sugar. Prior to starting it I was a fairly healthy eater. I don't want to stop taking it, but am not sure what I can do to control my appetite

Is it okay to take Xanax with Remeron?

Hello all. I'm 18 and have ran into some sleeping problems lately. For the last three nights, I've only been able to get about 4 hours of sleep, and waking up about every hour during that sleep. I'm on Buspirone 10mg x2 daily, remeron 30mg at bedtime and 75mcg of synthroid for my... read more

How long does it take for the grogginess to wear off during Remeron treatment?

I've only been on Remeron (15mg) for a week, but I'm sort of the impatient type. I am wondering when will the intense grogginess lessen? It's not the type of sleepiness where you can take a nap to get rid of it. It lasts about 10 hours. I feel somewhat detached from my body and... read more

I accidentally took one of my mothers Remerons, how long wil it stay in my system?

She is prescribed them for depression, and I mistook one for an Excedrin. She keeps several different meds in a small Excedrin bottle and it looked just like an Excedrin. I have a job interview with a drug test next week and I need to find out how long one 45mg tab will stay in my blood system. ... read more

Wellbutrin XL - How long does the insomnia last? I started the generic form 3 days ago?

I have mild depression and was on Remeron briefly but it made me very sleepy. The MD prescribed Wellbutrin HC 150 mg. to be taken in the morning. Now I have insomnia and still feel sleepy as I didn't get enough sleep. I took Ambien 5 mg for three nights in a row but only slept four hours each... read more

Which is better for sleep remeron, trazodone, or restoril?

And, can any of these drugs be combined?

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