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Has anyone used Breo Ellipta the new inhaler for COPD? Any side effects? I am on Qvar now & have?

Posted 8 Apr 2014 by tess1938 16 answers

... used Alvesco & Advair in the past

What aree the differences between Ventolin and Qvar?

Posted 30 Nov 2014 by design man 1 answer

Also, what about Albuterol - how does that fit into the other drugs?

When will qvar be eligible for a generic equivalent?

Posted 16 Jun 2015 by nateskate29 2 answers

Qvar is quite expensive at the moment but is the best inhaler I've ever had. I can't wait for the generic equivalent so that I don't need to spend so much money on it.

Symbicort vs qvar?

Posted 4 Jul 2014 by kathyetal 4 answers

Symbicort worked great for me but I couldn't afford it any more. They gave me qvar and it doesn't work at all. It's been over a month... can't breathe with it or without it. Any suggestions?

Can Qvar be subsitute for flovent?

Posted 10 Nov 2011 by halfnhalf57 1 answer

Is anyone taking ProAir and Qvar together -what is the added benefit if taking Qvar?

Posted 3 Nov 2011 by dfee 1 answer

.I've was prescribed ProAir HFA for my occasional asthma 2 years ago,now my doctor prescribed me Qvar 80mcg.I wanted to know if anyone was on this combination of medications for asthma and what added benefit for taking Qvar would be?

When will hfa inhalers become available as generic versions?

Posted 29 Dec 2009 by gnarlyskigirl 1 answer

Albuterol HFA, Ventolin HFA, Proair HFA; also QVAR HFA, Flovent HFA and other corticosteroid inhalers I understand the patents for many of these were set to expire November 2009, but I cannot find information on the estimated availability of generic versions of these inhalers. Does anyone have an ...

I pay $71.81 for 2 Qvar 80mcg. inhalation aerosols through Kaiser Permanente.My questions is there a

Posted 5 Nov 2011 by dfee 2 answers

... cheaper generic version for Qvar 80mcg?

Is there a generic for Qvar?

Posted 1 Dec 2009 by maxhealth 1 answer

Recently diagnosed w/ chronic bronchitis, what works best for cough and chest congestion?

Posted 3 May 2011 by tallguy865 1 answer

Attempting to manage cough, chest tightness. Raised in home where I was exposed to second-hand smoke for 18 years. never smoked. Don't have GERD, asthma, or heart issues. Currently on guaifensin, and Qvar. At times the cough is fine and other times it appears to get worse. (evenings and damp ...

Can Qvar cause mood changes?

Posted 28 Aug 2011 by stacey28 1 answer

My son was recently switched from Flovent to Quvar... I have noticed mood changes for the worse, changes in his attitude towards school, he is having problems in class which he never had before. He is 5... Is it me or does Quvar 80 have something to do with it?

Can I take qvar 40 instead of flovent 110 mcg?

Posted 12 Apr 2015 by tired12345 1 answer

It's for bronchitis and my roommate already has unused qvar refills

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