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Prostate Cancer Questions

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Leaking around a Foley Catheter - Suggestions?

Posted 3 Aug 2011 by scootertoot 1 answer

Patient has prostate cancer which has spread. Everytime he stands or moves he leaks around the Foley. Has been using depends as well as 2-3 guards. He has to change every few hours because everything is soaked.

Are there any class action lawsuits involving Trulicity?

Posted 28 Feb 2018 by lfty12 1 answer

I just received a letter from Eli Lilly telling me that they understand I have prostate cancer while taking Trulicity? They want me to give them permission to contact my doctor.

What type of prostate cancer is Erleada used to treat?

Posted 7 Mar 2018 1 answerFAQ by

I am a 82 male taking Prolia. First shot not bad, but the second shot is causing all sorts of side?

Posted 24 Feb 2018 by SandHarr44 0 answers

... effects. I am also on Lupron for. Prostate cancer which causes bone loss. The two seem to be necessary. The PCP doctor says to stop Prolia. Any suggestions? I have never had this kind of pain,joint aches, ever.

How does Cialis work for ED that resulted from prostate cancer radiation?

Posted 7 Jan 2018 by TWLightning1 0 answers

I am 68 yrs old and was diagnosed with prostate cancer 12 yrs ago. I was radiated twice and basically ended up with "burned-out"prostate and nerve endings. After that, I used oral ED medicines, injections, and pumps successfully. These are no longer effective, so my doctor prescribed ...

Does your PSA blood test value/results, get affected by taking tamsulosin and or finasteride?

Posted 7 Nov 2017 by lrelre 0 answers

I am getting conflicting information on this question, and thus it is very hard for me to proceed with scheduling a Biopsy of my Prostrate, for potential Prostate Cancer and then Surgery associated with my Bladder because of my bladder not emptying completely of urine. Does anyone know the rules of ...

Husband taking lupron for prostate cancer. Bad joint swelling, fatigue, flashes, mood issues. What?

Posted 30 Oct 2017 by suzyqsky 1 answer

Can he take to mitigate side effects. Hes post rp, looking to do radiation soon with lupron.

What meds or supplements that works for ED from prostate cancer and radiation treatments?

Posted 5 Nov 2017 by Barutienam 1 answer

I have had prostate cancer and radiation treatments and nothing seems to work for Erectile Dysfunction. I am 78 years old.

Anyone know an expert on liver and peritoneum cancer?

Posted 17 Aug 2017 by Cjmvejby 1 answer

My dad had prostate cancer that was in remission, when he had an inflammation of the gallbladder, leading to blood poisoning. During examination they found a tumor in his liver blocking the bile-duct. A biopsy determined it to be cancer, which has spread to the peritoneum. My dad's doctor says ...

When taking oestrogen supplement,how long does it stay in the system once it's use is stopped?

Posted 8 Aug 2017 by Meercat1 0 answers

I am an 85 year old prostate cancer sufferer and have been taking the female hormone for sixteen months. I suffer badly from the side effects of night sweats, I wish to stop taking it. My PSA 1.8. Down from 179. My question is how long will the hormone remain in my system to a point that I now ...

Eliquis - Has anybody had bleeds and dangerous lactate levels after taking this medication?

Posted 23 Jun 2017 by Liz71 0 answers

Is Apixaban unsuitable for patients with coronary heart disease, ICDs, digestive difficulties, prostate cancer, over 80 year olds? Does it increase lactate levels in blood and therefore increase mortality rates in patients? How long does it take to flush the drug out? Should health carers monitor ...

Lupron - Is it common to have a PSA drop by 97% within 30days?

Posted 28 May 2017 by kevinjb2 0 answers

Hi, I was diagnosed with PC in February 2017. My PSA was 366.49 with some metastases to the bone. After taking Casodex for a month and then adding Lupron, my PSA dropped to 6.23. I thought that was very fast, but a good thing too - no complaints, just asking. Has anyone else seen this type of ...

Zytiga - Have a rash on back and chest. How long does this last? Is it serious?

Posted 26 May 2017 by cayoniwahoo 0 answers

Rash on back is larg. Small on chest. Not itchy.

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