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Prostate Cancer Questions

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Leaking around a Foley Catheter - Suggestions?

Posted 3 Aug 2011 by scootertoot 1 answer

Patient has prostate cancer which has spread. Everytime he stands or moves he leaks around the Foley. Has been using depends as well as 2-3 guards. He has to change every few hours because everything is soaked.

Does muscle pain caused by Lupron for prostate cancer ever disappear? How to reduce pain meanwhile?

Posted 3 Apr 2017 by Ice Man Don 0 answers

I'm a 75 year old male who has been treated for prostate cancer (7-9 Gleason scores throughout the prostate and some evidence of migration) with external beam radiation, brachiotherapy, bicalutamide and lupron injections every three months. Indications are that the cancer has been reduced or ...

Do you offer financial aid for those in need. Finished radiation, for prostate cancer. Need Rapaflo?

Posted 7 Feb 2017 by hipster30 1 answer

I just finished radiation therapy for prostate cancer. My urologist wants me to take Rapaflo 8mg. l am unable to pay the cost. Does your company offer financial aid?

My husband has been on Xtandi for three months now. He is now experiencing severe back pain hip pain

Posted 9 Dec 2016 by Gearheadmama 2 answers

... can hardly walk by himself. He has fallen four times as his balance is really bad. It wasn't great before but worse now. Anyone having same symptoms!!!

Zoladex - Has anyone had or heard of personality changes during the use of Zoladex?

Posted 3 Dec 2016 by jocrichards 0 answers

My husband was diagnosed 2 yes ago with PC and has been using this drug since before his radiation treatments. His personality has taken a drastic change to the point where our marriage is on the rocks. I'm desperate to know if anyone is facing the same thing. He did 39 radiation treatments ...

Flomax - how long does it take for the drug to start working?

Posted 11 Nov 2016 by sailpanther 1 answer

undergoing prostate cancer radiation therapy, have urinary retention

Have not slept 3 days. what can be done about Lupron for prostate cancer side effects?

Posted 11 Oct 2016 by dstuddard 0 answers

Please respond. Thank you.

What types of food is good to eat with Zytiga?

Posted 14 Sep 2016 by Dad piper 0 answers

What is wrong with me?

Posted 22 Sep 2016 by serveitch1 1 answer

I have prostate cancer stage four with enlarged lymph nodes. But I am also feeling things that the dr have no explaination for. I have a video of this huge mass moving inside me and I just had a few strokes. And have been feeling like there are mini fishes swiming under my skin. Other peopl have ...

Can I take Fosamax at the same time as Zytiga?

Posted 19 Aug 2016 by ednemma 1 answer

These medications both require they be taken on an empty stomach at least 2 hours after eating and 1 hour before eating. With 2 doses of zytiga/day, these two 3 hour windows remove 6 hours every day from Fosamax dosing. Taking Fosamax at the same time as the before-breakfast zytiga would greatly ...

How long do side effects of Lupron last?

Posted 20 Jul 2016 by Jack McGann 0 answers

I had a 3 month shot of Lupron to manage my early stage prostate cancer. I am 80 and was in excellent health. The side effects of headaches, fatigue and shortness of breath made me stop taking Lupron after the first shot. I have had three different explanations of how long the side effects will ...

I was on Loupron and Casadex for hormone therapy. I quit taking it?

Posted 2 Jul 2016 by Escalon 0 answers

How long will hot flashes continue and will it cause lower back aches?

Has anyone had a prostatectomy with a Gleason score of 10?

Posted 20 May 2016 by wannabbetter 3 answers

My brother has stage 3 prostate cancer & is scheduled for robotic-assisted surgery. I'm wondering if aggressive prostate cancer can be cured w/surgery or if radiation is a better option. This is very scary. He is only 56. It seems that most people who have surgery have a lower gleason ...

I just had my prostate removed, so I'm wondering if when I get ready to have sex,will viagra help?

Posted 18 Mar 2016 by lisa white 0 answers

... me to get an erection? Or is it only to help me,once I get one to keep one?someone please let me know

I have been on Luprom injections for 3 years and now started taking Zytiga. Are there any diets?

Posted 13 May 2016 by Artieo 0 answers

recommended during this process that would relieve side effects?

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