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Progesterone Questions

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Prometrium vs. Progesterone - what are your experiences?

I was on Prometrium for several years and switched to the generic Progesterone when it came available a couple months back. Now I'd totally swear by Prometrium cause it worked for me and as far as side affects go there were 2 and they weren't that bad and only lasted a couple hours after... read more

Progesterone - does generic teva come from natural sources?

My new doctor gave me generic teva instead of prometrium. I did well with prometrium and am now worried about the side effects of using something of potentially lesser quality. I've read that synthetic progesterone can have more side effects. can someone tell me more about teva?

Is Prometrium a natural form of progesterone? Is it bio-identical?

How is Prometrium different than the progesterone cream that the compounding pharmacist made for me?

Can headaches be a side effect of progesterone?

Now takiing: Biest/Progesterone (BiPr) 25mg, 1 tablet, 2x/day, for night sweats & hot flashes. Dr.was saying too little progesterone in my system and too much estrogen. I was previously taking Effexor, .375mg, for several months but stopped taking last week (also for Sweats)... and began BiPr.... read more

Lupron Depot - terrified to take lupron for endometriosis?

I'm a 20year old woman who was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis . I was taking 200mg of progesterone , than when that didn't work I started taking 15mg of norethindrone and that still didn't work for pain or anything. So my doctor gave me two options, get pregnant or take... read more

How long can I take Progesterone?

I am a 51 year old woman who has suffered with heavy, heavy bleeding due to fibroids. My choice was not to have a hysterectomy just didn't want surgery, and then entering into menopause wanted nature to take its course. Prescribed Otho took for several months no help. 2 shots over a two month... read more

Progesterone and estradiol?

We were told cancer causation of estradiol might be lessened with the addition of progesterone. Is there a vaginal cream or an insert with both progesterone and estradiol in it?

FAQs for Ovulation Home Testing Kit

Making Sense of PMS

Is acne more often associated with Prometrium than Progesterone?

I was on bio-identical Progesterone; and for the last month I've been on Prometrium. I've been experiencing acne for the past few weeks, (severe acne, and had none before I started on hormones). I took myself off the Testosterone because I had read that acne could be caused by... read more

What should I do if I didn't know I was pregnant and took the Provera?

I was given a Progesterone test by my doctor on August 19 and it showed negative results so I was told to start taking Provera on August 20. I took 10 days of the Provera and finished my last dose on August 29. I still have not started bleeding so I took a pregnancy test today and it came back... read more

Can progesterone only pill cause bone / joint / muscle pain & stiffness? blood tests clear, help!?

Can the progesterone only pill (femulen) cause bone & muscle pain/stiffness, a change in elasticity in muscles/ligamants, clicking joints and fatigue? I went on roaccutane for my acne last may, and at the same time started femulen. I was an active person and now find it impossible to do even... read more

Progesterone - can u get pregnant while on progestrone ? does the medication cause for light?

when i started taking progestrone the doc told me i would start my period in 5 to 7 day however i done the 10 medicine treatment i had a little spotting 2 days later i started haveing a really mild and light period with alot of stomach cramping is this normal or could i have got pregnant when... read more

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