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Is anyone taking Primidone for Parkinson's?

Posted 4 Nov 2009 4 answers

My doctor wants to prescribe it for Parkinson's even though I don't have seizures and only slight tremors. Most of my problem lies in lack of coordination... Thanks!

Primidone - How hard is it to get off Mysoline. I've been on it since I was young. I'm now 45 years?

Posted 23 Aug 2014 2 answers

... old. I take 250mg 3x a day. I'm also having problems with my bones because of Mysoline. I know it's a hard drug to get off of. I was wondering if anyone has been on it for a very long time and is now off of Mysoline and what did u go through to get off of it??

Does primidone cause sleeplessness?

Posted 2 Nov 2009 2 answers

My mom has been taking primidone 14 days and does not take naps anymore and is not sleepy. Sometimes she has to take a sleeping pill at night now.

Does primidone cause weight gain?

Posted 22 May 2010 2 answers

I have gained weight, my face is rounder, and I can't get in any of my clothes.

I am trying to wean off Primidone and find I feel very ''fuzzy' in the head. Is this normal?

Posted 3 Jan 2011 1 answer

How long should it take to wean off the medication as I want to do it properly? I was taking 125mg twice a day, am now down to once a day after 12 days. Is this too quick?

When should primidone be taken?

Posted 1 Aug 2009 1 answer

Time of day?

Benign Essential Tremor - My left arm feels like a wet noodle. Is that part of ET?

Posted 9 Dec 2009 2 answers

I was diagnosed with ET 6 wks ago and am taking Primidone. The side effects are still quite strong. My tremors are just as active, mostly on the left side. Because of the constant tremor my arm feels "dead". My voice patterns are also affected. I'm also very tired and easily ...

How long does primidone show up in a urine test?

Posted 26 Dec 2009 1 answer

Does Primidone come in 12.5 mg doses?

Posted 19 Sep 2018 1 answer

I was prescribed 50 mg at bedtime but find this too powerful! Was wondering if it comes in a lower dose.

My husband is on primidone, it is effecting him sexually. How long will this effect him?

Posted 20 May 2012 1 answer

He is taking 50mg three times a day

I am on primidone 50 mg dosage one tablet twice a day and 3 at night time. I now have total ED?

Posted 6 Jul 2013 1 answer

I had never had an ED symptoms, the reason for the usage is to relieve the upper body tremors believed to be caused by the side effects of my exposure to Agent Orange during three tours to Vietnam. I have had the tremors since right after my first tour in 1969 but they were very slight, and I was a ...

Can primidone cause swelling of feet?

Posted 15 Jul 2013 1 answer

Which antihistamine will have the least negative reaction with the drugs Primidone & Pristiq?

Posted 3 Aug 2014 1 answer

I am taking primidone for benign essential tremor, pristiq for depression, and cetirizine for vasomotor rhinitis. I like a glass of red wine with my evening meal, but find that it started to make me very unsteady on my feet. I stop taking the cetirizine and I am back to normal after the red wine, ...

I am 64 yo male and am taking primidone. I fell down this afternoonand a doctor gave me tramadol?

Posted 6 Dec 2015 2 answers

Is there an interaction between tramadol and primidone?

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