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Can Primidone cause finger and hand pain?

Posted 3 Mar 2018 by blizz26 0 answers

I take 200mg a day for ET. I started about a year ago. About 2 months ago I started waking up to my finger joints hurting. All of them. especially my thumb and my right ringer finger. I suddenly have trigger finger right ring finger. I progressively gotten worse in a matter of weeks. I don't ...

My husband has been nauseous for months. Can Primidone cause serious nausea?

Posted 17 Feb 2018 by Nzales 0 answers

Psych nurse came and said to stop Primidone to see if nausea stops. Has bad leg and hand tremers. Also very weak, wants to die, seriously irritable. What is other medicine that can prevent leg tremors?

What is primidone used for?

Posted 14 Oct 2017 by Nancy m 1 answer

As Mysoline is now called Primidone how can I be sure I receive ONLY Mysoline?

Posted 7 Sep 2016 by Carole Willis 0 answers

I was told by my neurologist that SERB, in France, would only make the drug Mysoline using the correct compound if it could change the name to Primidone. I have researched on the internet and found this to be true. I ask my pharmacist every time I collect my prescription for Primidone 'Is it ...

As Mysoline is now called Primidone, the same as the generic form, how can I be sure I receive?

Posted 9 Sep 2016 by Carole Willis 0 answers

... Mysoline only. Just over three years ago I started having minor seizures (partial) and 'absence attacks', which I hadn't had for 6 years. I had always received Mysoline in their branded box, but was given them in a 'brown' bottle and told by the pharmacist 'they ...

I've been taking Primidone for years, no problems until Pharmaceutical Co. switched my RX to?

Posted 27 Jul 2016 by 013567AAA 0 answers

... Qualitest. It doesn't help with tremors while when previously taking RX from other manufacturers there was no problem?

What can cause your primidone blood level to increase ?

Posted 8 Jun 2016 by DrugInquirer 0 answers

What BP, cardiac or bladder/prostate medications can cause your primidone blood level to increase ? What about foods ?

Which drug is better ... Briviact or Mysoline (Primidone) ?

Posted 9 May 2016 by DrugInquirer 0 answers

Which has less side-effects, especially tiredness or edginess ? I am currently taking Mysoline (Primidone): 250 mg, 3x/day ... reduced from 300 mg, 3x/day, due to the Primidone level in my blood being too high... approx.16. After a few months, at the current dose, the level is roughly 13.5. ...

I was taking 250 mg. of primidone at night for my essential tremor but I was tired and listless?

Posted 2 Feb 2016 by sewingsmb 0 answers

I cut my primidone back to 100 mg. Now my potassium is high (5.6.) Could there be a relationship? I had DBS surgery 6 1/2 years ago and have been taking primidone for ~10 years.

I am 64 yo male and am taking primidone. I fell down this afternoonand a doctor gave me tramadol?

Posted 6 Dec 2015 by Gulamali 2 answers

Is there an interaction between tramadol and primidone?

Question on Effexor, Welbutrin, Primidone, Vytorin 10/20?

Posted 29 Sep 2014 by Dr Steven J Kidder 4 answers

I noticed a "Red Flag" on Effexor and Wellbutrin. I take 75mg Effexor in morning, 300 mg Wellbutrin in evening, 1 Vytorin 10/20 in afternoon, 50mg Primidone 4/day. I cannot sleep more than 4 hours REM at night. Tough mornings, etc. Any recommendations re interactions or sleeping... my ...

Benign Essential Tremor - Is the medication Sinemet 25-100 good in treating familiar tremors?

Posted 1 Aug 2015 by Janynan 0 answers

I was on Gabapentin and primidone but it isn't controlling my tremors when I eat or my chin shaking at times so my doctor prescribed Sinemet but I am afraid of it because of certain side effects and the drowsiness associated while taking it... help

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