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What are the new drugs for the treatment of migraines?

Does cranberry juice help prevent a UTI?

How do you take Arakoda for the prevention of malaria?

What are the first signs of breast cancer?

How do I use the Tezspire pen?

Is it safe to use ivermectin if I'm taking prednisone for asthma?

I'm in an asthma flare up (lots of coughing) so I started taking prednisone. Can I still take ivermectin with prednisone in case this is really Covid 19?

Migraine Prevention - Has anyone taken Botox for migraines? How has your experience been with it?

My neurologist claims in his experience, he's seen the greatest number of results compared to daily pills, but I'm sure he's getting kickbacks, too.

After hip surgery and was prescribed hydrocodone and acetaminophen

I was given hydrocodone and acetaminophen, and told to take baby aspirin for the prevention of blood clots. Just wondering if the low dose 81mg aspirin is good?

Lamotrigine - What time of day should I take lamictal for migraine prevention?

My first day, I took it at night. My second day, I took it in the morning and felt extremely anxious and out of sorts all day. I do also have anxiety and depression, that are medicated. My migraine is chronic, and I am desperate for relief. Any advice?

Is anyone with open-angle glaucoma currently taking Topamax for migraine prevention? I'm?

... apprehensive about starting it because of the possible side effect of closed-angle glaucoma. I have had trabeculectomy, glaucoma needle revision surgery, and cataract removal in both eyes. Have had open-angle glaucoma for 20 years. Now I have lots of floaters and some flashes in left eye after... read more

Missed dose of amitriptyline?

I have been taking 10mg of amitriptyline for over a year for migraine prevention. After missing doses (probably 5 doses) in November while out of the country, I noticed feelings of anxiety, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. I started taking my medicine regularly after this, and the symptoms... read more

Gabapentin and agitation and nervousness?

Has anyone experienced increased agitation and nervousness on Gabapentin? I am taking it for migraine prevention.

Zostavax side effect in the prevention of dementia?

Could you comment on changes to the new drug Shingrix, that might eliminate the causal side benefit of reduced dementia probability?

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