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Pregnancy Test Questions

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What medications can cause a false positive pregnancy test?

What's the weight limit for Plan B?

When will Opill be available?

Missed Period and Negative Pregnancy Test - Am I pregnant?

Pregnancy symptoms after taking Plan B?

I had sex with my boyfriend Jan 20th we used condoms, my boyfriend told me that I had nothing to worry about but I was still feeling scared afterwards, So I purchased the Plan b pill right the next day (Jan 21st), so I did take it within 24 hours. Three days later I noticed that my breasts were... read more

Can an expired implanon falsify a pregnancy test?

My implanon has been in for nearly 4 years and I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant, but an at home test says I'm not. Can the inactive birth control make the test read negative for some reason?

NEXPLANON before implantation had unprotected sex everyday?

before I had the nexplanon implanted they said not to have sex for 2weeks living with my boyfriend that didn't happen. still had sex till the day it was the day for my implantation. pregnancy test there came out negative had a shirt period they told me to wait 5 days until I had sex again and... read more

I took plan B last month. My breasts have been sore for weeks I took 3 pregnancy tests, all negative

I took plan B last month and had a normal period after. This month my period came on the exact day I expected it to, but it was much lighter. My breasts have been sore for about a month now. I've take 3 pregnancy tests and they have all been negative. Is this a possible hormone imbalance from... read more

How does the Depo shot affect pregnancy tests?

I've been off the Depo shot for almost 7 months. I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant but I've heard the shot can affect pregnancy tests by giving false positives or negatives. Is this true?

Can Vraylar cause a false positive pregnancy test?

Why is my period late if I have a negative test but took a Plan B and used protection?

What can cause my period to be late? I have had protected sex this month and taken 3 contraceptive Plan B's this month. I have taken a pregnancy test which was negative 3 times. Am I pregnant or does stress cause this? Does the pill cause my period to be late?

Celexa and missed periods?

I was told celexa can cause you where you can have missed periods ... well I'm already late which I never am and I took a pregnancy test and I'm not pregnant so it must be from the celexa but my question is would I still ovulat or will that stop too?

Levonorgestrel - Delayed period?

I took the pill about 3 weeks ago, I've had a pregnancy test which came out negative but I'm now 8 days late and no sign of my period. Everywhere I've read says the earlier you take it the more likely it is to come a few days earlier but this hasn't been the case for me... read more

I have taken a Plan B after sex. Has it worked? Am I pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend had sex on my second day of ovulating and the condom broke but... he pulled out as he finished so we thought there was still a little inside me. So we jumped out of bed to get the pill straight away! And now one week later I have been getting my regular period symptoms and woke... read more

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