before I had the nexplanon implanted they said not to have sex for 2weeks living with my boyfriend that didn't happen. still had sex till the day it was the day for my implantation. pregnancy test there came out negative had a shirt period they told me to wait 5 days until I had sex again and I didn't wait... /: I had the nexplanon implanted 12/06/2013 and it's now 1/28/2014 I been feeling so different... abdominal pain headaches and nausea I've read that it's normal but I'm kinda freaking out I been extremely tired I could sleep like never before! I'm talking 12 or 13 hours as still be tired. food cravings and all. i had a miscarriage before the insertion about 3 months before so I know what it feels like to be pregnant. I pee like crazy and my lower abdomen is really hard. I've read on depending on your weight it won't be as affective. I'm a pretty heavy girl 245 at the time of insertion is there a possibility that I'm pregnant ? I'm freaking myself out and I'm scared to buy a pregnancy test ... !!!