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Plan B. I want to know did it work, any pregnancy risks and how long should I wait to get tested ?

Posted 12 Nov 2016 by cornelius96 1 answer

On October 29,2016 @4 am I let a guy stick the tip of his penis in my vagina and he had precum and tried to go in my vagina further (I am a virgin). He urinated before this happened and had been consuming alcohol. It was annunprotect encounter(no condom). He only stuck in about three inches. I was ...

Should I be worried about pregnancy? I had sex on friday and Im not on any birth control but my?

Posted 24 Oct 2016 by Awhite7 2 answers

Partner used a condom and pulled out way ahead of time before ejaculation. Should i be worried? Also should i be worried if i was fingered with possible precum? Im supposed to be getting my period in less than a week and have all the usual symptoms

Plan B one step- Please help worried af?

Posted 16 Oct 2016 by TeenGirl6288 1 answer

Had sex October 12 around 12-1 pm.. it was protected with a condom but it broke and he pulled out but precum and he might have not pulled out in time.. I took the plan b pill 2-3 hrs later, and I have a 28-29 day cycle with a 6-7 day period.. I had sex 2-3 days after my period ended I know apps ...

Dark brownish light bleeding after 8 days of taking ipill?

Posted 31 Aug 2016 by zyxw 1 answer

Hello. Me and my bf had sex on 20th August. There was no penetration as such. Though he used condoms but I think precum can cause some issues. My last period was on 11th August. I took Ipill on 22nd August. After a week of taking ipill now i am having some dark brownish light bleeding from last two ...

Is dark blood spotting normal??

Posted 28 Aug 2016 by Officiallybrayy 1 answer

Ok so i didnt cum in my gf but i feared precum so we got plan b like an hour after. She started feeling cramps like 2 days after. Lasted like 2-3 days but got better within the time. Just yesterday she told me that she has spotting of red blood but doesn't experience any cramps. Her period is ...

Plan B - how do you know it worked?

Posted 18 Aug 2016 by Nosir 2 answers

In July my period started on the 9th. I had unprotected sex on the 25th, but he did not ejaculate inside me. I was worried about precum though. I took Plan B One Step on the 27th. I did not feel any symptoms right on, but after a few days I felt a little nauseous and dizzy and my boobs hurt. I ...

How effective is plan B ?

Posted 8 Aug 2016 by emg99 1 answer

So July 21st I had sex with a man and we used a condom but later on he asked if I wanted him to cum in me so I freaked out and asked if he still had the condom on I turned around and saw that it was on the floor next to us. He claimed that it fell out once I turned around but I'm not sure if I ...

What are my chances of being pregnant?

Posted 6 Aug 2016 by 3054670 0 answers

I've been on the microgestin pill for a little more than 3 months. I just had sex for the very first time 7 days ago. The condom did break but there was only precum in it. When my boyfriend orgasmed he ejaculates on my stomach but I wiped it off before getting in the shower. And for the last 2 ...

Pregnant after taking Take Action Pill?

Posted 3 Aug 2016 by Teengirl003 0 answers

K so I had my period the first week of July and it ended some where between the 7-8. I had unprotected sex on the 9th and he pulled out but I was still scared about precum so I took a Take Action pill the morning after and it wasnt even 24 hours yet. Then a week later I had a light bleeding (dark ...

PLAN B two days after last day of period bleeding. whats the chances of pregnancy? Please help!?

Posted 14 Jul 2016 by Aj12 0 answers

The first day of my last period was July 3rd. One day after my last day of bleeding I had unprotected sex. My partner did not ejaculate in me but Im worried about precum. Less than 24 hours later I took a Plan B one step pill. What is the likelihood of me being pregnant? Are they higher because it ...

Does Plan B One-Step still work if you throw up 6 hours later after taking it?

Posted 26 Jul 2016 by Ashley343 0 answers

I had unprotected intercourse Sunday, July 24th at around 7 in the morning. He came on my thigh but it was close to my opening and I was worried about it getting in there and also the precum. At about 4 o'clock I took Plan B One-Step then at around 10-10:30 I threw up and I don't know if ...

Unprotected Sex day before ovulation predicted and Plan B taken within 24 hours?

Posted 18 Jul 2016 by KyleKielma 0 answers

Me and my gf had unprotected sex last night around 9:15PMish and I pulled out about 10 seconds before ejaculation Nothing got inside her except for maybe a very little bit of precum and Ive peed alot since last time I ejaculated before that and right before we had sex. Her ovulation/fertile window ...

I took plan b and I am now 2 days late. Should I be worried?

Posted 20 May 2016 by Questionsandanswers2 0 answers

Me and my boyfriend had protected sex but the condom broke. He came outside but we were still worried about precum and decided to take the pill to be safe. I've been having symptoms like very mild sore breasts (they are usually more sore when I'm about to get my period), I got diarrhea ...

Plan B, no side effects. Questions!?

Posted 5 May 2016 by Ashqueen 0 answers

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on April 29th around 3 am. He didn't ejaculated in me, but there might be a slight chance of his precum getting in me. My period usually comes around the 15th of every month and last up to 7 days. In the morning I went to buy Plan B contraceptive ...

Nordette - I had unprotected sex on my second fertile night (no ejaculation inside but I'm worried?

Posted 6 May 2016 by Duh76 0 answers

... about precum). Went to the docs in the morning - within 12hrs abt 10:30, I took my first 2pills, another 2pills at 17:30 and another 2 the following morning at 08:30. What are my chances of getting pregnant?

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