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Precum Questions

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Condom broke but he pulled out before he came & I took Plan B just in case. Could I be pregnant?

About 3 days ago me and my bf had protected sex and he even pulled out before he came. However, we noticed a tiny hole at the tip of the condom and I took the Plan B just in case. I know that pre-cum sometimes carried sperm but he masturbated the night before and urinated a lot before we had sex... read more

Plan B One-Step - So me and a guy were messing around he was fingering me and everything was great.

Then I reached over to give him hand job while he was still doing stuff to me but I’m scared he got pre-cum on his fingers when he pulled down his pants and maybe some transferred what’s the chances I’m pregnant? Also I took Plan B within six hours and it was the day before the... read more

Could a liitle bit of precum on finger gets me pregnant?

I'm freaking out, last week it was my first day of ovulation window, me and my boyfriend was kissing and then I noticed he had a stain on his jeans, it was pre-cum, I'm not sure if he touched the stain or even his penis before he fingered me a little (I'm still a virgin but I... read more

Is this normal? Crazy side effects from Plan B One Step, has anyone else experienced these before?

My boyfriend and I were messing around and he put his penis inside me. Not for long, maybe a couple seconds, (worried about the precum) then put a condom on, after this whole incident, I became paranoid that I could get pregnant. So, I rushed to that pharmacy and took Plan B One Step 13 hours later... read more

Will Plan B still work after I have ovulated?

Hey guys! So my partner didn’t really came inside me but he was grinding on me and the condom broke. We weren’t sure when it did but he did have precum which I know can also make a woman pregnant. We basically had sex twice, I already took plan b and another one the next day after the... read more

Why have I not gotten my period after taking Plan B?

So my boyfriend and I were curious and he decided to go inside me with just one stroke without a condom. It was just one in and out. He did not finish but I was still scared about pre-cum so around 16 hours later I took Plan B. Around 10 days after I bled for 7 days (very lightly), and I thought... read more

Weird discharge after bleeding from plan b?

I wrote this yesterday but for some reason they didn’t post it so I’m writing it again. On march 21 I finished my period march 23 I had outercourse wit bf, I wasn’t sure if his precum got in me so the next day march 24 I took plan b. On march 30 I experienced some spotting it was... read more

Levonorgestrel - Does emergency contraceptive pill work for dry humping as not sure about precum?

My girlfriend and i were involved in foreplay just another day of her period end. She was wearing her undergarments but for approx 1 minute i wasn't and there was dry humping less than 1 minute. There wasn't direct contact between penis and vagina. I'm not sure about the precum. Does... read more

Aftera - Plz help a girl out.. So maybe i’ll stop freaking out?

I toke aftera on July 23rd.. i had to take plan b on August 3rd ( only toke both pills for precum) I was supposed to start my period on August 13th.. Today is the 14th and i haven’t started.. Should i be freaking out or could it just be delayed since i’ve toke 2 pills since my last... read more

I don't know if I'm pregnant...I took plan B after 25-26 hours?

So his penis were rubbing on my vagina , i had underwear on but we both were moist. He got precum on my underwear, I took plan B after 25 hours and its been 7 days I haven't experience any plan B symptoms like spotting, cramps, nausea etc. but I do notice that I keep getting hungry, and been... read more

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