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Pinworm Infection (Enterobius vermicularis) Questions

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Pinworm Infection (Enterobius vermicularis) - I just took albenza, how long do it take to work and?

Posted 21 Mar 2014 by boome 1 answer

... does it come out in my bow movement?

I took 400 mg of Albenza on 5/29/15 and I still have itching?

Posted 1 Jun 2015 by Meredithb12 1 answer

I still have some itching and I seem to have some more itching during the day that I didn't have before. Is this normal? It's making me wonder if it's working... does anybody know how long it takes for the pills to kill the worms?

Pin-X - After taking the medication, is it likely to see worms in the stool?

Posted 16 Aug 2014 by DosSantos 1 answer

If so, what would they?

Pinworm Infection (Enterobius vermicularis) - how long does albenza take to work?

Posted 10 Sep 2015 by zavifonsi 1 answer

I have taken 2 doses, how long does it take to work? I have never went thru this situation before and its driving me insane.

Its the second time my 2 year old is on vermox for pinworms. after 4 days worms still apparent why?

Posted 5 Nov 2015 by stellaGe 1 answer

she is complaining and waking up at night screaming. I use nappy antibacterial nappy cream around her anus at night but still they bother her. second time on vermox and still the worms are cative. why?

Pinworm Infection (Enterobius vermicularis) - Is it normal to see non moving pin worms in stool a?

Posted 9 Nov 2015 by AndreaAdams0827 1 answer

... week after taking treatment medicine?

How long does albenza start to take effect?

Posted 10 Sep 2013 by imana 2 answers

My child was prescribed mebendazole for pin worms. I would like to know how long it takes for the?

Posted 12 Oct 2016 by Iwishuwurmine 0 answers

... pill to start working? i would like to get some sleep and so she will stop making me get worms out of her butt

Pinworm Infection (Enterobius vermicularis) - Im scared to poop, because I dont want to feel them?

Posted 29 Dec 2012 by bagongtaon 1 answer

... goin out. After taking medicine, will they come out with regular poop or is it more like diarhea? How can you tell if your highly infested?

How do you know that albendazole works? I want to know with certainty that my ordeal is finished?

Posted 3 Dec 2013 by Pinkjollyjolly 1 answer

I'm taking albendazole 200mg tablets for a pinworm infection. How will I know that it's definitely worked? I can't stand the uncertainty.

Took albenza 4 days ago just saw sudden surge of worms, is this normal/?

Posted 29 Apr 2012 by kerida 1 answer

took 2 X 200my tablets on thursday the 26th, pinworms sightings started to subside then all of a sudden today, sunday the 29th i am seeing a ton on the toilet paper. is this normal?

How can I get assistance with Albenza cost?

Posted 12 Jan 2016 by Shelley53 2 answers

I have insurance but need Albenza 200 #28 twice a day for three cycles and the cost is over $700 per 28 and I cannot afford it. Dr says no other drug will suffice. How can I get help? I have no income and have applied for disability

Are pinworms the same as roundworms?

Posted 4 Apr 2016 by manda Gail 0 answers

Okay it would be a helminthic infection, what can you do to get rid with out going to the doctor?

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