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I am a 82 male taking Prolia. First shot not bad, but the second shot is causing all sorts of side?

Posted 24 Feb 2018 by SandHarr44 0 answers

... effects. I am also on Lupron for. Prostate cancer which causes bone loss. The two seem to be necessary. The PCP doctor says to stop Prolia. Any suggestions? I have never had this kind of pain,joint aches, ever.

Switching from Effexor 150 mg to Prozac (generic). Weaning off with Wellbutrin 75 mg?

Posted 5 Dec 2017 by skillion 3 answers

Effexor is no longer effective so PCP thought I could go back to Prozac (generic) which was the most effective anti-depressant I started with. Not depressed as much as general sense of blah-ness, lack of ability to find happiness, etc. To ease the process, he stopped the Effexor and put me on 75 mg ...

I am a 30 year old male in Michigan and I have McLaren insurance. I had to sign a pain contract with

Posted 21 Dec 2017 by Mondodj 0 answers

... my PCP and later I decided to get a new PCP. Now I can't get pain medicine due to breaking the contract with my old PCP, if the contract expires can my new PCP give me pain medicine?

Tresiba - How long to start working?

Posted 28 Oct 2017 by jbh06751 0 answers

To Tresiba users out there- how long does it take to start working. My PCP has started me on 12 units and 1000 Metformin twice a day. I'm a type 2 and A1c was over 11. Is she being too cautious? I've only been on it for 2 days but haven't seen any downward movement on my testing ...

My PCP prescribed Protonix and Carafate for my symptoms of reflux, gas(burping), bloating...

Posted 2 Sep 2017 by Mildee 0 answers

... ingestion and constipation. What is the Carafate suppose to help with? I didn't get any real information about it from either my doctor or pharmacist. As far as I know I don't have a duodenal ulcer. At least my GI hasn't said anything to me about any ulcers.

Has anyone gone from 150 Lamictal to 300?

Posted 12 Jul 2017 by stephlee88 2 answers

i randomly had a panic attack at work about a month ago and have not felt right since. i have been on 150 Lamictal for 8 years and it has worked fairly well. i went to my pcp after about 2 weeks and she upped me to 200 and said if i am not feeling better go to 300. im on day 3 of 300 and am just ...

I am so freaking scared to go to the dentist. Last time I went, the shots were so painful. Now I?

Posted 1 Aug 2017 by Kikibean 0 answers

... have to go back and get 3 fillings in my upper front teeth. I must do it! My pcp prescribed 2mg xanax for my appt. Will it be helpful? When should I take it? I must take high doses of diuretic and the meds are causing me to get cavities because they dry out my mouth. Drink water all day and ...

HSS constipation continued with Amitiza?

Posted 2 May 2017 by Betty59 1 answer

I began taking Amitiza at the suggestion if my PCP. I've always had the constipation/diarrhea cycle for as long as I can remember; I've become so immune to not having BM's that I went 10+ days without BM. I've taken Miralax on a regular basis but it took 2 doses of magnesium ...

I started with anxiety after several months of health issues which have resolved?

Posted 23 Apr 2017 by Schmutz84 3 answers

My PCP has put me on lexapro which I was only able to take for 5 days due to the side effects. Next was Prozac. I lasted 18 days on that but the the uncontrollable body tremors ended that. I finally have gone to see a pdoc and she has me on 12.5 mg of seroquel and .5mg of klonopin prn. I am feeling ...

Prolia - is it ok to do infusion on 11/18/2016 and next one on 05/17/2017?

Posted 18 Apr 2017 by carpentertl 1 answer

Im at odering pcp's office and they are done here at the pcp 's

Should I let my dad take carvedilol, with uncontrolled diabetes?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by Worriedfordad1 1 answer

My dad just switched to a new PCP. She did blood work etc. and is now switching all his meds. Dad has been on atenolol for several years. He was started on it for a-fib, and has been doing great. When he went in to Dr, his BP was elevated (not extreme). Mind you he monitors at home weekly and has ...

My PCP gave me 50 mg of Lyrica for burning roof of mouth due to neuralgia after having shingles?

Posted 24 Feb 2017 by Misha6 2 answers

I just started taking Lyrica but still have the burning roof of mouth. Has anyone had any success with Lyrica for pain?

I had my dose of Cymbalta doubled I had extreme weight gain my PCP is weaning me off and putting me?

Posted 1 Dec 2016 by Liar5 2 answers

On Topamax for anxiety and weight loss does this sound reasonable?

Side effects associatd with Botox?

Posted 12 May 2016 by My Nona 0 answers

I'll be going to yet another specialist next week. My neurologist & PCP say that this is pretty much all I have left to try & he's the guru. I've been reading about the lumps, soreness, increased pain, etc. after the injections. One lady I spoke to said she's ...

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