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Phenazopyridine Questions

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Why do you not take phenazopyridine for more than two days?

If you know what condition you have and need to take phenazopyridine for one week, why not take it for a week? I have also heard reference to an over-the-counter equivalent. Is there one?

How long does it take for phenazopyridine to work?

Doc said it was probably a UTI but I'm also constipated so she said that might be a part of the pain. I took it and fell asleep 30mins later. Woke up about two hours later and I'm still in pain when I pee, it might even be worse. I don't know what to do since my doc is at home by now... read more

Will Phenazopyridine alter a urine test to check for pain meds?

I am required to take a urine test every three months to make to make sure that I am taking my pain medication as prescribed. I just got diagnosed with a UTI and the doctor prescribed phenazopyridine for me. I am scared that this medicine will make my urine test incorrect and it will look like I am... read more

How long does it take to feel relief?

How many hours (minimum) should there be between doses of Phenazopyridine 200mg?

The prescription says to take 3x/day for a uti. I know ideally it would be 8, but I didn't get the prescription until later in the afternoon and was wondering if I could get 2 doses in today. I took the first dose around 3:30 pm.

Phenazopyridine - If I’m allergic to sulfa drugs would that explain why this drug made me vomit...

... shortly after taking phenazopyridine?

Do I have a Urinary Tract Infection?

What type of sexually transmitted disease would phenazopyridine or sulfamethoxazole cure or treat?

I looked these drugs up the best I could and I only got that they relieve burning when you urinate or any type of vaginal pain or bacteria. Im dating a girl and found these meds and i just wanted to make sure it wasnt anything bad before we took it to the next level. Thanks everybody. John.

Does phenazopyridine help with kidney stones?

How long does phenazopyridine stay good for before it expires?

I have a bottle that I've had since 2009

How much time between doses of AZO?

If I am taking tramodol for pain, can I also take phenazopyridine?

I had a cyst on my back removed today and am taking tramodol for the pain. I also have a uti and would like to take phenazopyridine for the pain of the UTI. Can I take both drugs?

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