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Parkinson's Disease Questions

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Can Tramadol cause feelings of anger?

Posted 10 Mar 2015 by SkeeterElf 3 answers

I have only been on Tramadol for a week now and today I experienced a sense of anger all day long. I am becoming very defensive and striking out at friends and family. I have Parkinson's Disease and am taking Tramadol for severe pain in my left leg. What is causing this feeling of anger all of ...

What foods and drugs can't I take with Xadago?

Posted 18 days ago 1 answerFAQ by

Is shortness of breath a symptom of Parkinsons?

Posted 18 days ago by druidess 1 1 answer

I have had RLS for about 7 years now. I started out on Requip, which worked fine for a few years?

Posted 30 Jun 2017 by MikeFrank 1 answer

But gradually lost its effectiveness. I noticed that it began spreading eventually to nearly all parts of my body. In the end of taking Requip it was working maybe 15% of the time. I had also to take sleep meds for my insomnia. I had a set time (2 hours), i had to wait on the Requip before I could ...

Are there alternatives to entacapone?

Posted 29 Jun 2017 by 289mxm 1 answer

I have Parkinsons. I have been taking entacapone for approximately one year. In that time I have been experiencing hallucinations, severe anxiety, depression and energy loss. I believe these may be side effects of the entacapone and I would like to stop taking it.

Latuda and muscle jerks? Hi Latuda works great but I get jerks and twitches that really bother me?

Posted 18 Jun 2017 by luke uno 0 answers

things like Cogentin are out of the question because I already have horrible dry mouth so has anybody have experience with dopamine agonists like Pramipexole or other Parkinson's type medications that may control this?

How will I know when to increase Mirapex dosage?

Posted 15 May 2017 by Dlnix 0 answers

I currently take 1mg 3/day for Parkinson's . Have been for 2+. Yrs. starting to have back rigidity again.

Do people with MS suffer from excessive tremors of the hands and weakness of the feet?

Posted 11 Apr 2017 by policeman 2 answers

was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and parkinson's disease after 4 years of the fibro diagnosis. suffering from extreme tremors and pain on the right side of the body. Has difficulty walking and at times blurred vision, has anxiety and depression. Neurologist stated that the cause of severe ...

Nuplazid for non Parkinson's psychosis?

Posted 20 Mar 2017 by Walt1955 0 answers

Is Nuplazid approved for treating non Parkinson's psychosis? Delusional disorder with persecutory thoughts and beliefs.

Another drug that is equal to Mirapex ER 4,5?

Posted 11 Mar 2017 by CGStrickland 0 answers

Does Azilect work well with Mirapex?

Posted 7 Jan 2017 by pointrocker 0 answers

Ropinirole - My doctor has me on 6mg three times a day my blood pressure is low when I have it. Can?

Posted 20 Dec 2016 by lsargeant 0 answers

... I decrease the amount I take or take the 3mg and take them every hour?

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