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Pain Medication Questions

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Which painkiller should you use?

What is Ardosons called in the U.S?

How long does it take for Tylenol to start working?

Is Tylenol (acetaminophen) a blood thinner?

What pain medication can I take with Brilinta?

What is VX-548?

What medications are opioids?

What is Apronax called in the USA?

Has anyone had hair loss while on gabapentin?

Why would my pain medication that Im currently on not help my teeth pain?

hello everyone im on fentynal 50mcg and norco for break thru 6 a day if needed.Most days i get by great with what im on until this horrible tooth pain which comes and gos but here lately pain is frequent and bad. They say i have advanced peridontal disese ive never had a problem with my teeth until... read more

Why isn't my pain medication working as well anymore?

I have been taking Percocet 10/325 for a little over 7yrs due to a back injury. I have had previous surgeries on my back. I have nerve damage in both legs and extreme pain in my back, which limits my mobility. My doctor has prescribed 6 pills a day, to control the pain. I am also on Neurotin 800mg... read more

Tramadol 50 mg tablet: is there any asprin or ibuprophen in this medication?

I have sever allergies to asprin and ibuprophen. I had back surgery l5s1 disc ectopy (sp? ) and still have much pain in lower back. Looking for a pain medication that will help releive the pain especially at night when I sleep. Looking to see if this is a good pain medication to ask my doctor about.

Taking lipitor for several years, 3 mths ago started getting bad hip leg pain, could it be lipitor?

I've tried exercise and pain medication, to no avail, and I'm wondering if it could be the lipitor. A pharmacist told me "highly doubtful", but I stopped the lipitor 3 days ago, and have had an immediate reduction in pain. I also slept better last night than I have in several... read more

If you got a new script, still have 1 refill left on the old lower dose one, can u fill it later?

Question simplifed : Can you still refill old low dose pain medication if you have 1 refill left on it even tho your doctor just prescribed a new script for the same med just a stronger dose? Have been on vicodin 5-500 for a very long time for chronic pain and i guess it got to point either my... read more

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