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Oxcarbazepine Questions

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Oxcarbazepine - Does it cause High blood pressure?

My sodium level is very low but my blood pressure is very high. I take the medication for seizures and i think I'm going to have to change the medication.

Oxcarbazepine - Does anyone know a child who takes this med. for ADHD? My step-son is on this med.?

... at his house and has alot of behavior problems but when he is with us he doesnt take the med and we have no problem with him. He doesnt have seizures so I dont understand why he is on this medication. Can someone help me understand plz

How long does oxcarbazepine stay in your system after you stop taking them?

I was prescribed them, and the side effects are too bad so my Doctor stopped them. How long before it's out of my system?

Whats the strongest and best medication for ADHD and Bipolar?

Whats the strongest and best medication for ADHD and Bipolar? If it is really bad. On high dosage of Concerta, Methylphenidate, Oxcarbazepine, and more

Oxcarbazepine - It's been over 4 days weening off of trileptal. When will I be done?

My son still has a headache and he can't concentrate. He's scared he going to have permanent damage! Help!!!

First time taking oxcarbazepine, side effects? how long?

My girlfriend is taking oxcarbazepine 300mg for seizures, shes never taken any anti-convulsive med. Its only been 3 days, she says she feels drowsy and tired as soon as she takes the pill. Does anyone know if this is normal and temporarily? How long until her body adjust and she's back to... read more

Does oxcarbazepine cause hair loss?

Can I take oxcarbazepine and Tegretol together?

I would like to try oxcarbazepine again and try to wean myself off Tegretol, was just wondering if I could take them together until I'm completely off of it.

Does the numb lips side effect of Trileptal go away?

I switched to Trileptal for my seizures around a month ago, and I had a lot of side effects initially (severe drowsiness). My dose was decreased to 300mg in the morning and 450mg at night. The only side effect that I continue to have is numb lips, but I only get this after the night dose. Is it... read more

Can I eat food with oxcarbazepine?

does eating food interfere with my oxcarbazepine

Oxcarbazepine - Chest pain? Sudden spasms?

I'm curious if anyone experiences chest pain, burning in their chest, or stabbing feelings in their chest, and sudden shakes or short episodes of tremors on Trileptal. I'm having a lot of that and it's definitely not anxiety. In case this is important information: I'm not... read more

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