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Ovulation Questions

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How does Femara affect your period?

Morning after pill & ovulation, please help???

Hi everyone, I’m just super super worried... Me and partner had an accident on the night of the 8th December (around midnight). Long story short we went to a pharmacy the next morning and I took the MAP @ 8am. (8 hours later... ). My WORRY is that when I checked my period tracker app, I... read more

Plan B One-Step - How soon before ovulation is plan b effective? How long am I protected by Plan b?

My boyfriend and I had sex around 6pm on the 11th (I am expected to beign ovulation on the 14th) when the condom broke and we did not realize until after he pulled out. I took Plan B within 1.5 hours after the incident. My question is, if this pill works to cause a delay in ovulation, but sperm can... read more

Plan B, late ovulation, pregnancy?

I took a Plan B on 11th (Sunday) and on the 14th (Wednesday) I had sex but I was ovulating according my Flo app. I was wondering if taking a Plan B way before your ovulation will it make your period later or still come at the time it’s supposed to?

Can I use Viagra once for conception on ovulation day ..? Will it effect sperm or pregnancy?

Can I use Viagra once for conception on ovulation day ??? Will it effect sperm or pregnancy? I got erection on normal days but on ovulation days I have problem of erection . I know it's bcoz of stress and other thing. I looking for an answer that if I use Viagra only of two or three days ,... read more

Help!!Does plan b pill work if I take it after my ovulation day?

I had sex on the night of the15th (my ovulationDay). It is now the 17th. If taken today, would the plan b pill work even if I already ovulated? Could I be pregnant? What are my chances? Please help!!

Had protected sex during ovulation - risk of pregnancy?

Me and my girlfriend always practice safe sex. However the other day she was well in her mood and I have to admit I was to. However I knew that she was on her fertile period. And because she's not on the pill because it in my own country it's still a taboo I insisted that we took extra... read more

I took a morning after pill on the day of ovulation?

I had unprotected sex ( he did not com inside me he pulled out) two days before ovulation I then took an morning after pill on the day of ovulation. I want to know if I could still get pregnant?

Will Plan B work if taken right before Ovulation?

My girlfriend and me were using a condom and it broke. Though it was only halfway in during ejaculation (not sure if this matters). A decent amount of the semen ended up dripping out onto the sheets (again not sure if this matters). We rushed to the store and she took the pill Plan B one step about... read more

ASAP how late will my period be? if I took 2 pills the same month?

I took plan b on July 1st n then July 18th my ovulation day ( so the app says) if I take 2 pills in one month how late will my period be?? I’m never doing it again.

Finished 5 day Clomid dose but don't know when I'm ovulating or how to tell???

I"m 30 years old and never have had regular menstrual cycles so my OBGYN gave me Provera for 7 days which started my cycle then on the 5th day of cycle I started Clomid. I finished the Clomid 5 days ago (10/21/2012) but I have no idea what my ovulation schedule is or how to find out. How do I... read more

Can you have mimic ovulation pains on birth control pill?

I started lutera back in January. Finished the first month, taking each pill everyday correctly. I had breakthrough bleeding a whole week on the active pills that month and then had my period. I waited until halfway though my second pack until I had sex without a condom. The next day after that I... read more

Can I get pregnant on fertile days or only on my ovulation day?

I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years. We have a 5yr old daughter. Found out he was cheating on me this whole time. So out of desperation I ended up having sex with my ex whom I was with for 9 years. Now I'm pregnant. My concern is I'm not really to sure who the father is. During my... read more

Plan B effectiveness 3 days before ovulation?

Hi all, My period started feb 10 and ended the 15th. I had sex on the 23rd and the condom broke. I immediately sat on the toilet and lots of semen came out into the toilet . I took plan b one step within the next hour. Am I going to be okay and not get pregnant. I did not have any symptoms from... read more

What really happens to ovulation when taking Plan B?

I took a Plan B during the days I was suppose to ovulate. Will the Plan B make me not ovulate at all or just make my ovulation happen days later making it still possible for me to get pregnant?

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