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Could "inability to orgasm" be just a temporary side effect of Lexapro?

My doctor prescribed 10mg of Lexapro (generic) for my constant anxiety and irritability. I've been on it five days now and I really like it. I am not worried or snappy and my husband says I'm being much more pleasant. The only problem is both times we've had sex since I started lex I... read more

Pristiq - I have problems with a decreased sex drive and difficulty having an orgasm?

Is there anything to help with this side effect. I am on Pristiq for depression. This drug has been great for the depression and the only side effect I have noticed is sexual.

Trazodone - does anyone experience sexual issues, ie, difficulty with arousal and orgasm? Females?

Never had any problems like this and now it is so difficult and frustrating having such difficulty having orgasm

Do the sexual side effects ever get better or go away while using 20 mg of citalopram?

I have been taking 20 mg of citalopram for almost a month and am having problems during sex, I am having difficulty achieving an orgasm. I am a male and wonder if any other men have or had this problem and if it gets better after prolonged use of this drug? This is the only antidepressant I take .

Are there any sexual side effects while taking Norco ?

i am a 56 yr o woman with a wonderful . partner. have been taking Vicodin 5/500 for @ 8 mo Next week starting Norco 7/325 took oxy for a while desire and orgasm a big problem. Also, anyone have experience with Zestra ? Thank You mlb

I am a 70 year old and take Viagra. I lose my erection after a short time?

I can give my wife 5-6 orgasms with a wonderful erection but when it is my turn I lose my erection and can’t have an orgasm. It is very frustration and I feel bad for my wife as she tries a lot to help me. Why does this happen?

Effexor - I am having trouble getting an orgasm and I don't want to eat much?

i dont understand why i can't eat much or have an orgasm???

Effexor - please only men answer I've seen this question before but the only who ID sex were women.?

I can not orgasm Ive been on venlafaxine for a year an Im now at 300mgs XT. At lower doses I had the same problem but seemed to get better, still took way to long very embarrassing. Ive been at this dose over a month and it is not getting better. This is the worse ever. I need to be able to... read more

Orgasms using Cialis?

I have been on medication (20mg Lexapro) for over one month and I find it difficult to become erect whilst initiating sexual activities with my wife. The medication also makes it very difficult (most times not all) to climax. If I were to use Cialis. Would this assist with climax or mainly the... read more

Prozac - loss of ability to orgasm (female)?

I am 25, with all the interest in the world in making love to my husband and father of my 3 beautiful babies. Today, however, what would have been an EXTREMELY EROTIC love making session, foreplay, toys, all attention on me, slow unpredictable penetration etc. (See, got you going, rright!? Me too!)... read more

Lexapro - How much of your ability to orgasm did you lose?

This is a big problem with me and SSRIs. My sex life is very important to me, it's a very strong connection to the man I love with all my heart and I don't want to lose that. Endorphins, Oxytocin, and all that stuff is good for us.

I was just prescribed Flomax to treat an enlarged prostate. I'm worried about the "dry" orgasm?

The urologist said all men who take Flomax will experience this symptom. How likely is this condition to be permanent even if you stop taking Flomax? Is this something you get used to? Does it impact other aspects of sexual functioning? I just read some good things about Doxazosin. Is this a... read more

Celexa - does the sexual dysfunction side effect ever go away?

Its completely killed my ability to orgasm! So frustrating!

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