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Opdivo Questions

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What are monoclonal antibodies?

How long does Opdivo prolong life and what’s its success rate?

What's the overall survival rate and duration of survival in patients treated with Opdivo? How many people respond to treatment with Opdivo - what's the objective response rate (ORR)?

How long does Opdivo take to work and how do you know if it's working?

What is a biologic drug?

How long does Opdivo stay in your system?

What is the difference between Opdivo and Keytruda?

Pembrolizumab vs. nivolumab: how do they compare?

How are Opdivo and Yervoy administered?

Is Opdivo a chemotherapy or immunotherapy drug?

What happens when you stop taking Opdivo for melanoma?

Is Xalkori the same as Opdivo or Keytruda?

Is Opdivo approved for treating bladder cancer?

Opdivo - How to treat severe itching all over the body?

husband has been on Opdivo for more than a year and now has severe itching all over his body. He takes baby Benadryl during day and an Aveeno itch lotion before bedtime. It has been a month now and very discomforting.

Has anyone had problems with mouth sores? I’ve been on Opdivo 21 months and never had problems...

... until month 20. I’m on my third bout of mouth sores on tongue, under tongue, gums and inside of cheeks. I have a prescription for magic mouthwash and I’m doing warm saltwater, but wondering if anyone has any better treatment suggestions. Hurts a lot to eat or talk. Any suggestions... read more

Opdivo - Looking for other’s opinions and comments on treatment pleass?

Have been on Opdivo for 5 months. Adverse reactions are severe back pain , memory issues, headaches. Considering stopping treatment. What are others experiencing.

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