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Ointment Questions

We found 11 questions associated with the 'Ointment' topic.

Can I use mupirocin ointment and triple antibiotic ointment?

Posted 3 Dec 2017 by Chris160 1 answer

If I have an area on my skin with staph is it okay to use both

Will nystatin cure poison ivy or oak?

Posted 13 Aug 2018 by jordanb89 1 answer

Will nystatin 30 mg ointment cure poison ivy or poison oak

I inserted the Monistat ointment at 8:30pm and layed in bed for about 3 hours and I have to pee.

Posted 23 May 2017 by Jade2677 0 answers

... Will it come out? If so, is that bad?

Biofreeze - I had knee replacement surgery and I'm having complications, my knee was in pain so I?

Posted 28 Jul 2017 by Beautyisas 1 answer

... rubbed bio freeze, not on but around the area, now I find it almost impossible to straighten my knee out. Do you think it's the ointment? Help

My doctor prescribed me nystatin topical and I was wondering if it's safe to put on the vagina?

Posted 24 Aug 2017 by Beaverbones 1 answer

It's a ointment but I was just wondering if it's safe because on some sites it says "nystatin" doesn't treat vaginal yeast infection. Am just really scared to use it down there?

Triamcinolone 0.1% Ointment vs Cream?

Posted 22 Oct 2018 by jess8179 0 answers

I've been prescribed Triamcinolone 0.1% ointment for what the doctor called "chicken skin" on the back of my upper arms. (It's many red dots that looks like pimples but aren't. Had them all my life.) The ointment smears on my clothes, sheets, etc. Can I get it in cream ...

Is Coal Tar Solution BP 5% Ointment flammable?

Posted 11 days ago by sebastian_billing 0 answers

Information needed for risk assessments.

Triamcinolone ointment on carpet. How long will it be active?

Posted 14 Oct 2018 by Gyloir 0 answers

Hello, I recently was prescribed triamcinolone ointment for my lower legs/feet. The drawback to this is that not only is it quite dangerous (it can cause glaucoma if it gets in contact with your eyes) but it's messy as heck and has gotten on our carpet/bed sheets. We have a few pets ...

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