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Why do doctors combine Cipro and Flagel?

I meant Cipro. I was being treated for diverticulitis and both medications were prescribed each 500 mg twice a day. After 4-5 days I started to have a metalic taste in my mouth, sensitivity to odors (like car exhaust) and general listlessness. I went off the medication, diverticulits symptoms... read more

Alpha Lipoic Acid and bad urine odor?

I have started taking 200mg of alpha lipoic acid daily for burning mouth. I noticed that after taking the capsule my urine has a bad smell —like skunk or sulfur. My physician has not heard of that side effect and said to increase the dose to 600mg daily because 200mg was not helping with my... read more

Monistat-1 - Will monistat 1 get rid of the foul discharge odor?

I don't have the itching or burning but I think I have a yeast infection. I was wondering if this would help take care of it since it's one of the symptoms

What would cause frequent belching accompanied by rotten egg like smell,bad taste,nausea,vomiting?

also recently started loud stomach gurgling, unable to eat without nausea or vomiting and excessive bowl movements

Can phentermine cause blood in urine and/or a strong foul odor?

I have been on and off phentermine for some time and i always get lower back pain, traces of blood in my urine, and a strong vaginal odor about a week into starting back on the pill. No yeast infection, no UTI. tested positive for ecolli last time in my U.A. What is this smell and can it be... read more

Since I've been taking Levothyroxine I sweat more and my hot-flashes are on 10. My body odor is very

... strong and I can taste it. It is very uncomfortable and now since they have moved me up to 100mcg's I'm nauseous and I don't have any type of appetite. I'm not losing any weight and having bad cramps.. I called my doctor to let them know that I've stop taking it for the... read more

Burning Mouth Syndrome - Has anyone had an effect from scents, odors like hairspray and perfumes?

And heavy scented men's deodorant? This & pack-a -day smoking did it for me. I no longer work at the pharmacy, & try to let people know their perfumes really mess with me. They think I'm a nut, & continue to wear it, so I avoid them

A strange smell to clopidogrel?

I recently got a bottle of clopidogrel that has a strong odor... The company who manufactured it is TEVA Pharmaceuticals I cannot get any answers from them... Is it safe to take this medicine?

Does anyone think Contrave has a really unusual bad odor?

I've been on Contrave for about 6 months now, and love it. On this last refill I've noticed a very bad odor when opening the pill bottle, one that I've never noticed before. I'm concerned that the pharmacy put it in a used bottle which previously held something nasty, or this... read more

Depo-Provera - Unusual odor in my vaginal area?

I have never had an issue with having an unusual odor in my vaginal area until I took the shot, it is making me very self conscious. I am do for my 2nd shot and wondering if I should continue this type of birth control or stop it all together. Will this go away or is this going to be an issue as... read more

What is causing my vagina to smell foul?

I always have a vaginal odor that never goes away. However the past few days it has smelt SO strong. I took a shower yesterday and today I already smell a strong foul odor. I am not experiencing ANY other symptom, does anyone know why this is happening? I am overweight but I don't know if... read more

Lithium - Has anyone experience foul smelling or odor in urine with this medication?

I have been taking lithium 900mg total daily for almost a year now and one of the first things I noticed was strong, even foul smelling urine that was slightly cloudy. I read reviews and no one really talks about this. I was wondering if this was a normal symptom. Took labs and my lithium levels... read more

Could the Depo provera shot cause vaginal odor?

Can the Depo Provera birth control shot cause vaginal odor? I have been on the Depo shot for almost 2 years now and am experiencing bad vaginal odor, especially during sex. When I was on it before, around 9 years ago I never experienced this problem. Is it common for Depo Provera to cause vaginal... read more

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