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What is the best time of day to take blood pressure medication?

I accidentally took my lisinopril 40mg and my norvasc10mg twice in one this dangerous?

I normally take,since about 4 years, a daily dose of lisinopril40mg combines with norvasc 10 in the ,by accident,I took another dose of the same medicines at this dangerous?

What is the best time to take Norvasc, morning or bedtime?

Was recently put on 5mg Norvasc I want to know what other users have found to be the optimal time to take this medication, I work full time and don't want side effects to interfere with my work

How long after stopping norvasc should my side effect symptoms subside?

2/26/13 I have been on Norvasc since October 2012, and the first night taking it I experienced dibilitating dizziness, tingling in face, hands, and almost passing out. I attributed that to having a glass of wine. Since then have had NO alcohol, and have been experiencing increasing anxiety, which... read more

Drinking Alcohol on Norvasc- ok in moderation?

I have been on Norvasc for 4 years on 5mg. is it safe to consume alcohol in moderation? I don't get any side effects from the medication but i would love a drink every now and then.

Norvasc - What happens if I accidentally take a double daily dose (two pills versus one)?

I accidentally took a second dose of my Norvasac (once a day). Should I be concerned at all? I have never done this before. It was about 4 hours apart.

Lisinopril - my question is I had to take a stress test prior to test I had to be off of my?

... carvedilol for a day prior to the test . one day and half back on got up suddenly ear ring that has not stop. other medicine are Norvasc atorvastatin Plavix carvedilol asprin can this problem happen on carvedilol . Had a stent put in in February the year 2013.

Accidentally took 10mg Norvasc (amlodipine)

Hi everyone I accidentally took my husband's high blood pressure medication (Norvasc 10mg). I am a bit concerned as I don't have high blood pressure - in fact it's on the low side, last I measured was 98/65. How worried should I be?

Does Norvasc cause constipation? I have never had constipation until I started this medication?

I also take simvastatin but never suffered with constipation until I started Norvasc?

Is Norvasc compatible with daily Cialis?

Besides high blood pressure Meds, I take many meds for Parkinson's disease.

Amlodipine - Strange sensation in throat with total of 5mg Norvasc?

I took a total of 5mg Norvasc in 2 divided doses. I did fine with the 1st 2.5mgs but on the 2nd dose I had a strange sensation in my throat about 4hrs after taking it. Has anyone else experienced that? The doctor told me not to take it after that one experience but I would like to reconsider it.... read more

Norvasc - Where is it made?

Chinese manufacturers use ingrediants that may be substitutes and not of a medically pure product. Side effects from unknown manufacture sources could kill user. Generic versions of omlodipine are scary and very dangerous, especially if from China

Should I take Norvasc and Bystolic together?

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