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Night sweats and Sertraline?

Posted 30 Mar 2015 by eruiz125 2 answers

I am 21 years old and about a month ago I started taking Sertraline 25mg twice a day. Last night I woke up drenched in sweat even though I sleep with the AC on and 2 fans in my room. This has happened before I was taking this medication, but last night was probably the worse. Could this be a side ...

What do I do about night sweats. Have been taking 150mg effexor xr for 6 years and wake up more?

Posted 23 Dec 2013 by frankt 9 answers

... than one time a night, especially in winter when the heat comes on, sweaty and cold. It sucks. Does anyone know what to do about this? Frank

Cymbalta - does this make you sweat at night?

Posted 2 Aug 2012 by imthenoodlehead 16 answers

I'm taking cymbalta for pain and depression. I was reading someone else's post and they said that Cymbalta makes them sweat at night. I did not realize that night sweats were one of the side effects. How many here have had this happen to them? I know I'm in menopause. Right after my ...

Does anyone experience drenching night sweats?

Posted 6 Feb 2011 by youneverknow 7 answers

I started having them 2 weeks ago. They are so bad that I have to change bed clothes once or twice a night. The bed clothes are also soaked. This starts within 1 hour of falling asleep. Then it keeps me awake. I get so thirsty during this time that I drink 4-5 glasses of water through the night. ...

Does anyone have severe night sweats with bupropion hcl 150mg?

Posted 20 May 2011 by beachflm 7 answers

I was started out at 150mg a day and things were going ok. I was upped to 300mg and now I have bed drenching night sweats and wake up every hour on the hour to pee.

Does anyone else have terrible night sweats with taking tizanidine? I'm not talking about just...

Posted 2 days ago by Rastagirl 0 answers

... a little sweat. I mean I wake up and my hair and body and sheets are soaked and drenched in sweat! Please if there is anyone else having this problem please comment and if so is there anything you can do for night sweats? It's embarrassing sleeping next to anyone. Help! I take 2 4mg tabs ...

Estradiol - quit cold turkey a few weeks ago, now have night sweats, hot flashes, weight gain etc?

Posted 5 Mar 2013 by jjsstudio 3 answers

My breasts are enormous and sore. I have also gained weight. Im sure this is normal but anyone who quit... can you tell me how long this may last??

Has anyone experienced severe sweating while on Xarelto? I have night sweats and sometime start to?

Posted 14 Feb 2014 by jpat 4 answers

... sweat for no reason -- many times I feel overheated which was never the case on other blood thinners. My hematologist said she has not heard this is a side effect but it is possible. Thanks

Has anyone else experienced excessive night sweats on Cymbalta? (non menopause related)?

Posted 2 Jul 2018 by Stephhelpscats 4 answers

I have been on Cymbalta 60mg for a few months now after having negative experiences on sertraline and Lexapro. Cymbalta has helped stabilize my mood and control my anxiety however after a few weeks untouched a problem. I would wake up and night and my back would be slightly sweaty, this was in an ...

Does Neurontin prevent night sweats?

Posted 20 Jan 2013 by dvnott 4 answers

I have not slept a full night for 2 1/2 years. Night sweats lasting up to a hour wake me two or three times. They can turn into intense chills especially in the back. I have hot spells i theday now. Have to remove my shirt. I an 84, Cad - one stent, hypothyroid under control, Xanax.50 for GAD. ...

Lexapro makes me feel spaced out?

Posted 12 Jul 2018 by Fmian 4 answers

Hello. I have never asked a question on here and I have been going through a pretty rough time. So I was originally on Cymbalta and buspar for about 6 months and I had night sweats and a foggy mind so my psych switched to lexapro. I started out on 5 mg and I was okay until about the second week ...

Has anyone had night sweats & trouble staying asleep while taking Cymbalta & Wellbutrin or Pristiq?

Posted 23 Feb 2011 by ashes01 7 answers

Doctor is recommending I switch to Pristiq bc of side effects of Cymbalta and Wellbutrin.For years I have had night sweats and trouble staying asleep. It wasn't until recently I realized this could be due to side effects of my depression medication. I am currently on Cymbalta and Wellbutrin ...

I take 120 mg of cymbalta a day. Does anyone suffer from severe night sweats from this drug?

Posted 21 Jan 2014 by Bree1962 4 answers

I sweat so much at night that I have to change my pajamas each day. I am soaked in the morning when I wake up. But during the day I am freezing all the time. Any suggestions?

Wow. I've read a lot of the comments on Topamax and I can relate to almost all of it! I've been on?

Posted 20 Jun 2012 by irishgirlie1 7 answers

... it for almost a month at 50mg every night before bed. I feel horrible!!! I can't remember anything, have the vocabulary of a 5yr old, slur my words at times, have terrible night sweats, headaches, stomachaches, mood swings... The list goes on and on. I also have Fibromyalgia, but that is ...

Cymbalta - Long term side effects getting worse?

Posted 7 May 2012 by campise 4 answers

I have been Cymbalta 60mg daily for about 8 years since my divorce. Receantly the night sweats have gotten almost intolerable and the excessive sweating in social settings has kept me from outside events. I have also had very intense dreams/nightmares through out the night to the point that I am ...

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