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Nature-Throid Questions

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Should you take your thyroid medication at night?

Why is there a shortage of Nature-Throid?

Can Nature-Throid cause weight gain/loss?

Who makes Nature-Throid and where is it manufactured?

How much does Nature-Throid cost without insurance?

Does Nature-Throid require a prescription?

What is the real story behind the recent "shortage" in Nature-Throid?

Is this another one of those instances of making a "shortage" just so they can raise the prices on it when they put it back on the market? I read that RLC Laboratories (the maker of Nature-Throid) claims that they have closed their manufacturing plants temporarily so that they can upgrade... read more

Just wondering: Does Wellbutrin affect the dosage of thyroid medication?

I take Nature-Throid. I wonder if the dose would need to be lowered, if it would be affected somewhat when also taking Wellbutrin?

How does NP Thyroid compare to Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid?

I have taken Nature-throid for years, but it is on backorder, and my last refill was with WP Thyroid which is made by RLC labs, and so is Nature-Throid made by RLC. I can't say that I am satisfied with the results of WP Thyroid. I have read that both of them, the new "reformulated"... read more

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