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What happens with abrupt stop of Nature-Throid (hypothyroid)?

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Fparsons 1 Oct 2018

What happens when I stop taking nature thyroid?

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Inactive 1 Oct 2018

In my experience, it did not go well! I did not have a doctor anymore-she went back into sports medicine, so I went without my Nature-throid for almost a year while I was looking for a new doctor and going to walk-in clinics only for any illnesses in the meantime which might have required an antibiotic ( a UTI, for example). I have a new doctor now. She has put me back on Nature-throid once again, since my TSH levels had gone way out of whack during that period of time. She also said that my thyroid problem is the cause of the extreme anxiety and panic attacks that I had started to experience shortly after coming off my medication. I just got new blood work this past week, and my levels are normal once again. My anxiety and panic attacks are gone. I had also been given a new antidepressant to address the anxiety/panic attacks, which I don't need now that my thyroid is working properly again. She took me off the antidepressant.


My digestive system was also all messed up and took its toll on my physical health. I was even taking several natural supplements to substitute for my thyroid hormone medication, but it just wasn't substitute enough for how Nature-throid regulates my whole physical and mental system. My advice is to not put yourself through what I have just experienced this past year. I am sure that I need my Nature-throid, and I will continue to take it the rest of my life!

chuck1957 10 Dec 2017

G Mc; I would not just stop the thyroid without a taper of some type and you must be very careful this can affect all the things it works to stable us. So they could all com flushing back real quick and in some case's be very dangerous depending on the person's health. Myself I would not stop mine without having the doctor do it slowly and with the blood test. The thyroid does so much more than supplement our thyroid. it affects many different organs weight, hair all of these to name a few if this is you please don't do it.

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Inactive 11 Dec 2017

Hi Chuck: Well, I lost my ability to refill my Nature-Throid at the usual pharmacy. I was told the pharmacies around here have it on back-order and can't get it till January. So I have been cutting my pills into quarters and taking 1/4 a day. The rest of the bad news is that I lost my doctor. I had an NP for the last 5 months, and she closed her practice to go back to Sports Medicine. So I don't have a prescription to get more Nature-Throid anyway! Lol

chuck1957 11 Dec 2017

GMC; You know I am not a great fan fo Naturalpaths due to some problems I had with them here but again I knew some really good ones. I was helping a nice lady on here and she also lost her doctor so if your insurance will pay for a Naturalpath dear I thought you had one. But anyway call around and make sure they have it in stock prior to making an appointment with him or her and get it from that pharmacy in the clinic. so make sure all of this will work out before you go to that appointment if the doctor writes you an Rx it well does you no good but they have a really good brand of natural thyroid and at that time it was in stock. think it over then you can always get it again from a new doctor depending on the price at the nature clinic but call and make sure they can help you and be able to supply the Thyroid to you. it is worth a try. your friend Chuck

GoldNugget 9 Dec 2017

I take Armour Thyroid for hypothyroidism but quit once for a few days and felt it was a mistake. I was so tired all of the time and it was depressing. I also forgot to take it one day before work and I found it hard to focus and to do my job well. I just wanted to sit around at my desk.

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Inactive 9 Dec 2017

Did you feel depressed when you quit taking it?

GoldNugget 9 Dec 2017

Yes but it could've been because I felt I failed at trying to quit plus I was so tired it was hard to function at work and I just wanted to fall asleep in the afternoons. Plus it was harder to focus and that was also depressing.

Inactive 10 Dec 2017

Did you feel better as soon as you started back taking it again?

GoldNugget 10 Dec 2017

Yes, I did. I felt it was a bad mistake to go messing with my thyroid medication. My mother who takes Thyroid told me that but I had to learn on my own the hard way.

I wish I didn't need it but I don't sleep my afternoons away like back before I was prescribed it and that's definitely a plus. free discount card

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