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Nasal Polyps Questions

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Flonase vs Nasonex: What's the difference?

Flonase and Nasonex are both nasal sprays but is one stronger than the other?

Does Xolair cause cancer?

How long can Xolair stay out of the fridge?

Xolair and Covid-19 vaccine, what should I know?

What's the difference between Xhance and Flonase Allergy Relief?

Can I take Xolair during pregnancy?

Can Xolair be self-administered at home?

Omalizumab and Covid-19 vaccine, what should I know?

What is Xolair approved for?

How long do you have to wait to use Prednisone again?

Hello to all. New to the group. About every six months or so I need to do a "Prednisone taper" for my nasal polyps. I take 60mg each day for one week, then taper off to 40 for a couple of days then to 20 then 10 then off. I did the last taper in early December but they are back now with... read more

Bad smell from nose for months?

I have had a bad smell in my nose for the past few months and people around me can smell it. They told me it smells fruity or like urine. I have tried gargling, steam, and sprays such as saline and Avamys when I went to an ENT specialist to get help for my blocked nose. The Avamys unblocked my... read more

Nasal Polyps - Will it come out if I blow real hard?

I have a nasal polyps. when i blow my nose (whenever i can blow my nose) it feels like it wants to come out. Will it come out on its own? or can i just pull it out?

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