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Metronidazole Questions

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What are the most common skin conditions? (with photos)

What happens if you drink alcohol with metronidazole?

How long does it take for metronidazole to work?

What can I do about the metallic taste of Flagyl?

Can metronidazole cause a yeast infection?

Does metronidazole treat chlamydia?

Does Flagyl cause diarrhea?

Is it safe to take Metronidazole hours after drinking alcohol?

I wiegh 102lbs and consumed 22oz of 12%Beer over 10hrs ago. Ive been perscribed 500mg of Metronidazole in a 7 day cycle.

Thick white discharge after using metronidazole gel?

I went to that doc Nov 12 (this past Monday) because my vagina was really itchy. The Doctor said I have bacteria (not an std) they checked my pee & everything. It was prescribed 1 full tube every night for 5 days & to apply on vulva twice a day.Today will be the 5th night. But Ive noticed... read more

How long does it take metronidazole to leave your system?

I just need to know how long approximately it takes for metronidazole in the pill form to leave your system. I was told 24 hours?

Can you have sex while taking metronidazole?

Can you use Soolantra and metronidazole together?

Can Soolantra cream and metronidazole cream or gel be used together?

Metronidazole and alcohol?

I've been prescribed Metronidazole and instructed to take 500 mg pills three times daily for 10 days. I'm currently on day four of taking this antibiotic. I know that to mix with alcohol is not a good idea. However, I will be going out tomorrow night with some friends who most likely will... read more

Metronidazole 500mg - What kind of vaginal infections is it used for?

If it has four tablets in one dose?

I took antibiotics (metronidazole) for Bacterial vaginosis... now suffering from Yeast Infection?

Wonder if I can get any Medicine to cure this without having prescription? And Will I Go Through Any Other infection After Curing the yeast ... just like what i experienced after curing BV?

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