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Menstruation Questions

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Starting my period before my birth control pack is over?

Posted 13 Oct 2014 by bellabeller12 1 answer

My pack is over at the end of this week and i have been experiencing spotting for about 2/3 days now and I have quite heavy spotting today ( I think my period may be starting) Im on ortho tricyclin lo, its the 21 day pack where i take no pills for seven days after the pack is over. This is my ...

I am 20 years old and don't have a regular menstrual cycle. Is time to see a doctor?

Posted 12 Aug 2014 by PeriodPain 3 answers

Hi all, I am 20 years old and started my period at age 12. However, I am still not "regular." What I mean is, the time between my periods is absolutely unpredictable. I've always tracked my periods, so to give you a glimpse into the "irregularity," here is a list of the ...

Could I be pregnant? Anything helps?

Posted 10 days ago 1 answer

Hi, so my last period was on April 15, 2017. Theyre pretty regular, i track when i get them. (Ididnt write down when i got it in march but it came at a normal time) feb. 2017 was on the 18th, along with jan 2017. So on April 29th, my boyfriend wanted to see what it would feel like without a condom ...

Medroxyprogesterone - I started taking 10mg Provera since yesterday after I went to see my gynae?

Posted 13 days ago by Qwinnie 0 answers

... after missing me menses for 2 months, 3 pregnancy tests that showed negative and an ultrasound that showed my endometrium was thickened,just today I had sex with my boyfriend would that affect the menstruation cause I don't want to be pregnant

What causes endometrial wall thickening?

Posted 7 Apr 2017 by Missgreenee 2 answers

I'm 24 years old and have been having a lot of trouble for the last 6 years. I have very heavy periods with debilitating pain. I can barely move. Intercourse is very painful. I also have diarrhea almost every time I eat. I've been to several gastrointestinal doctors as I thought these ...

Can I be pregnant after finishing the first pack or ovral pills and my periods started?

Posted 27 Mar 2017 by Mwati 0 answers

I finished my first pack of ovral 28 and am now on my period. Can I be pregnant after the menstrual cycle finished? Just after using one pack of ovral 28

How soon can I take Provera to delay period when unsure when period should start?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by Vacay111 0 answers

Started period April 17 and going on vacation May 5-12. Not sure what my menstrual cycle is but if it is 28 days I would start my period May 15 but if its sooner I would start during vacation. Doctor gave me Provera to delay it but since I'm not sure of day when period would start I'm not ...

Contrave - Has anyone experienced menstrual changes such as spotting?

Posted 13 Apr 2017 by Lfm2015 1 answer

Started Contrave April 1st and have had spotting every other day or so, no cramping. Has anyone else experienced this?

Microgestin Fe Mid Cycle Start, Still Having Mid Pack Periods?

Posted 6 Mar 2017 by maryelliott25 1 answer

I started birth control Microgestin Fe 1.5/30 in the middle of my natural menstrual cycle 5 months ago. I have consistently taken the pill and am not on other medications/supplements. I still get my period in the middle of the pill pack in alignment with my natural cycle and have only light ...

My girlfriend and I had sex right after her menstrual cycle, and the condom split. She took Plan B

Posted 23 Feb 2017 by 123A45R21 1 answer

... about 3 hours after. She feels fine now but I am very worried. I have a little bit of doubt but I am fighting to stay optimistic and not stress myself out. Will what she did work?

Normal to menstruate while taking active pills?

Posted 27 Feb 2017 by shelbysavage 0 answers

I am on the pill, and I take it between 9-10 every day. This is my second month, third week. Yesterday I started a very light menstruation, but I'm not in my week of placebo pills yet. Is this normal?

I was on 100 mcg levothyroxine my endo changed the dose to 112 mcg now I'm having headaches every da

Posted 27 Jan 2017 by pspringer 1 answer

Day and my menstrual cycle just came back after 2 week's of a regular cycle can someone please give me some advice on what to do

Lo Loestrin Fe - Can I start the pill at any time?

Posted 1 Feb 2017 by Hayles 0 answers

Hi, I'm getting married in three months and need to get this birth control wagon rolling. The instructions say I should wait until the first twenty four hours of bleeding (menstrual cycle) before starting on the pills, but the problem is my periods are not regular. Some months I skip ...

Have had Mirena for 3 years with no cycle, now have had 3 normal cycles in a row, missed 4th cycle?

Posted 2 Feb 2017 by jesjones 0 answers

I have had the Mirena in for three years now. I had not had my menstrual cycle for the entire three years up until 3 months ago I started to have a normal cycle. But now this month I am not having a cycle. I am due to have my next cycle in 2 weeks. Is this normal? i do know it is possible to get ...

Microgestin 1/20 - My cycle started on a Monday so I waited until the next Sunday to start my first?

Posted 16 Jan 2017 by UGAMOM 0 answers

... pack of pills. Then on the 19th day of my first pack I started spotting and by day 21 (the last day of my active pills) I was in a full blown menstrual cycle. Is this because I waited almost a week to start my first pack (Monday until Sunday?). Should I go ahead and start a new pack now instead ...

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