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Menstruation Questions

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Starting my period before my birth control pack is over?

Posted 13 Oct 2014 by bellabeller12 1 answer

My pack is over at the end of this week and i have been experiencing spotting for about 2/3 days now and I have quite heavy spotting today ( I think my period may be starting) Im on ortho tricyclin lo, its the 21 day pack where i take no pills for seven days after the pack is over. This is my ...

I am 20 years old and don't have a regular menstrual cycle. Is time to see a doctor?

Posted 12 Aug 2014 by PeriodPain 3 answers

Hi all, I am 20 years old and started my period at age 12. However, I am still not "regular." What I mean is, the time between my periods is absolutely unpredictable. I've always tracked my periods, so to give you a glimpse into the "irregularity," here is a list of the ...

What are the chances of me getting pregnant?

Posted 7 days ago by Cayschro 1 answer

So I literally just got off of my menstruation cycle 2 days ago. My boyfriend and I had intercourse for the first time with a condom but it had broke. I took the plan B pill within 15 minutes after that because I was scared. What are the chances that I'll get pregnant?

Lo Loestrin Fe - I just started taking Lo Loestrin a month ago and just started on day 1 of my?

Posted 26 Dec 2017 by AmyMLong 0 answers

... period. It seems pretty normal as of now, but others have had little to no period on this. Has anyone else experienced a regular menstrual cycle on the pill?

I missed my menses. Yesterday it was suppose to be my last day?

Posted 21 Dec 2017 by Carla56 0 answers

Im really worried about these missed menses. It has never happen to me before. Im 31. I need help. Im not pregenant. Everything is negative. Please guide me what should i seek for thispurpose and what shoud i do. Thankyou. Need urgent help.

Tri-Lo-Sprintec - Can this brand make the menstrual cycle flow for 14 days?

Posted 4 Dec 2017 by krissymariee 0 answers

I started this brand about 3 weeks ago and my menstrual cycle has not stopped flowing for the past 14 days. I'm slightly worried

I started taking my pills on 11day of my menses.I had sex on 21st day. Pills are over.m not bleedin?

Posted 2 Dec 2017 by Shilpavarma09 0 answers

Had sex on 21st day its been 3days pills are over . I did not take last four pills . we had sex only on 21st day. What should I do?

Microgestin FE 1.5/30 - I have been taking Microgestin for about three months. My doctor informed me

Posted 14 Nov 2017 by Mellarelli 0 answers

... to take it the following Sunday, however the brown pills did not align with my menstrual cycle. Three months in and I have had my period consistently halfway during the green pills. Am I still protected from pregnancy?

How to bring on/delay or skip a period?

Posted 8 Nov 2017 by lkjhgfdsa123456789 0 answers

Im going on vacation in 9 days and thats the day my period is meant to come. How can i either bring it on quicker, delay it or skip it? I have been on the pill before (trifeme) but am not on it at the moment. If i start taking the active pills now and keep taking them, would this skip my period? ...

Been on Seasonique for years. Menstrual cycle suddenly stopped?

Posted 25 Oct 2017 by Jsylvester06 0 answers

I've been on Seasonique for about 6 years now. I have now completely skipped the last two cycles it has been over sixth months since I've had any bleeding at all. There is no chance i am pregnant. I've never had any changes over the years, never has any breakthrough spotting. ...

Will taking Disetta on a Tuesday instead of a Sunday harm your menstrual cycle?

Posted 29 Sep 2017 by shygirl360 0 answers

I take Disetta and I'm a Sunday starter, but i had lost my pill pack, and had to spend Sunday and Monday finding it. I finally found the pack on Tuesday and started taking them then. Will that harm my menstrual cycle?

Am I pregnant? I had sex a day after my menses and within 12hrs I took a post pill. We are in Sept?

Posted 19 Sep 2017 by May12 0 answers

Thanks, I had sex a day after my menses and within 12hr I took a post pill... We re in September and the date I'm supposed to menstruate has passed and I had sex in that same week I was s supposed to menstruate and I took a post pill again.. So making it 2 post pil in take. And the month is ...

First day taking the birth control pill and my period practicaly disappeared?

Posted 29 Aug 2017 by rita266 1 answer

Hello! So, yesterday I took the birth control pill for the very first time and, as prescribed by my doctor, I took it on the first day of my menstrual cycle. But, the strange thing is, i barely had any blood both yesterday and today, which is not very normal for me. Could this mean anything, does ...

Is double protection needed for having sex on fertile window of menstrual cycle?

Posted 16 Aug 2017 by Properlearner 1 answer

We and my partner planning to have sex on this Saturday, we regularly use condom as a medium of birth control, but this Saturday sunday comes under fertile window of my menstrual cycle (tracked by a period tracking app), should I use emergency contraceptive pill besides the condom !? (We both are ...

Acetaminophen/Dextromethorphan/Diphenhydramine/Pseudoephedrine - Can this drug change my...

Posted 9 Aug 2017 by Kharis 1 answer

... menstrual cycle because my menses is to come on Monday I took the drug on Sunday and I haven't seen my menses?

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