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Megestrol - Has anyone experienced nausea and dizziness with Megace ?

Posted 10 days ago by Whitneyrob09 0 answers

I take 60 mg twice a day for endometrial bleeding. I am 28 years old. I had a biopsy done two weeks ago. Which caused heavy bleeding, so they increased my dosage to 80 mg twice a day. I started getting nauseous and dizzy with stomach pain. I almost passed out at work. The doctor said Megace does ...

When being tapered off of Megestrol are there any side effects?

Posted 3 Mar 2011 by Madolin 2 answers

My son has been taking Megestrol for 3-4 months, his weight is back up and he has an appetite again. He is on Corizone because he tested low. The plan is to taper him off over the next 3 weeks. We are worried about short term and long term side effects and any effects the tapering process could ...

Megestrol - how long do you have to take megrace before you see results in weight gain?

Posted 18 Feb 2012 by grands 1956 1 answer

i just started today and i feel more stronger in my body i had not been able to eat ,but after takeing the megrace i ate breakfast and supper with know problem at all i think that i already like it [smile].

I am currently down to 94lbs and look and feel very unhealthy. my doctor prescribed megestrol 40ml?

Posted 17 Jan 2015 by jessicaann0708 1 answer

I am taking 2teaspoon a day of megestrol, I'm on my 4th day. I'm curious as to how long it takes to start working and seeing weight gain. I'm also curious about once you stop taking it if you loose the weight you have gained.

Does megestrol prevent pregnancy?

Posted 2 Aug 2010 by raneyan 1 answer

my doctor has precesribed this because of irregular periods but I don't want to take something that prevents ovulation. Does anyone know?

Has anyone had spotting and severe cramps while on megestrol?

Posted 2 Aug 2013 by punky1571 1 answer

I have endometriosis and fibroids as well as thicking of the uterine walls. My biopsy came back negative. I spot on and off all month and when it is time for my cycle to start I don't have the bleeding but the pain has not went away.

How long does Megedtrol have to be in your system for it to take effect?

Posted 12 Oct 2013 by Sandie Freyler 1 answer

Sorry, I misspelled... Megestrol... How long does it take to be in your system?

Megestrol - Can I go from Megace to the birth control pill?

Posted 20 Jan 2014 by allibec 1 answer

I started taking megace 2 months ago for constant bleeding. I get no response from my dr as to whether or not i can stop and start back on the birth control pill to regulate my periods. I don't know what to do I have the moody, over sensative stressed out mess i have become since starting this ...

Megestrol - 40 ml/mg. how often can I give my husband who is on chemo for cancer?

Posted 15 Apr 2014 by Uskodi 2 answers

No appetite and keeps losing weight

Why after stopping megestrol Its hard to eat I feel sick after anything I eat now?

Posted 15 Mar 2017 by Quincey94 1 answer

I started taking megestrol to stop my heavy bleeding that no one could tell me why it was happening I had very bad pain along with this so finally they gave me the megestrol two 40mg for five days and 1 for 30 days after stopping it every time I try to eat I feel really sick after and it makes me ...

Can megestrol tablets be crushed?

Posted 15 Mar 2010 by shicks 1 answer

can megestrol tablets be crushed to give a patient that has a feeding tube?

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