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Medrol Dosepak - How long does a dose pack stay in your system?

Is Medrol Dosepack recommended for severe backache and Sciatic Nerve Disorder?

Having severe lower back pain and sciatic nerve pinch since over two weeks now. Pain is excruciating all over my lower back and right leg. Have been using Vicodin, Norco and Methadone until just today one of the emergency doctors gave an injection of a steroid called Medrol and prescribed Medrol... read more

Is it wise to take a steroid (Medrol pack) for plantar fascia with all of the possible side effects?

... Cannot take anything more than Tylenol due to having only one functioning kidney. Physician had prescribed Diclofenac, but cannot take per my nephrologist.

I am a kidney transplant patient, and I take immunosuppressant drugs like Prograf, Cellcept and?

... Medrol. I have a sciatic nerve problem and I am in constant pain. I have been prescribed Flexeril 10mg 3xday. Is this drug safe for me? Are there any negative drug interactions with meds that I take?

Is it safe to take the medrol dose pack back to back?

I finished one on Monday and the doctor prescribed one for me today

After effects of one 4mg Medrol dosepak (duration 6 days... 21 tablets)?

I took the last dose two days ago for sinus. I am on lorazepam .5 mg 1x a day for inner ear dizziness several months. Had more dizziness on the dosepak. Going nuts. How LONG will the Medrol stay in system... been hydrating as much as possible. The lorazepam helps one condition but not the other.... read more

Methylprednisolone - will the 6 day pack fix my pinched nerve?

Last night I felt the best I have felt for the past 3 weeks. About 6 this morning I awoke to the same pain I had been experiencing. Is this the normal reaction from taking Medrol 4mg, that the pain leaves and come back? Will the pain eventually leave as I continue to take the meds as directed?... read more

Is it safe to take a 4 MG Medrol dose pack once a month for three consecutive months?

I took a 4 MG Medrol dose pack in July, another one in August and have a prescription for a third one in September (this time to avoid a shot). The medication has help me by decreasing pain an inflammation of my ankle, related to posterior tibial dysfunction. Is it safe for my body to take this... read more

Prednisone side effect duration?

About seven weeks ago, I was given a 4 mg Medrol Dosepak (6 days) for costochondritis. The week I took it, I had no issues at all. It didn't help my inflammation, but didn't seem to hurt either. HOWEVER! A few days after the last dose, my face started feeling very flush and I even... read more

Medrol Dosepak - Is there usually a risk of weight gain with just taking the one pak of Medrol?

Is there usually a risk of weight gain with just taking the one pak of Medrol Dosepak?

Methylprednisolone - how long does it take for Medrol dose pack 4 mg to start working for my hives.?

... I am on my 4th day and still have hives

Methylprednisolone - Can this cause itching all over body?

I was on the Medrol 4 mg dose pack and after 2 days I have had the worst itching all over my body since. I took my last pill yesterday and still itching all over. Has anyone else had this problem? I was on it for my ear (sudden hearing loss) and had no itching before taking it. This is not listed... read more

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