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Can you take Clonazepam Daily as a Sleep Aid for long term?

Posted 9 Apr 2011 by decdogluvr 7 answers

I have just been prescribed Clomazepam as a sleep aid to be taken daily to replace Lunesta (which I became tolerant to). Do you think this is a good substitute? Right now, when I go to bed with Clomazepam and Lunesta (at a lower dose), it's lights out. I wake up once in the night but I'm ...

Sleep Disorders-Is there a one-time "knock-out" drug to guarantee sleep the night before wedding?

Posted 11 Apr 2014 by needforsleep 7 answers

I've wrestled with insomnia on and off since high school. It's almost always anxiety-related and I've tried everything from Tylenol PM and Benadryl to Lunesta and Ambien . Even with the Lunesta and Ambien, sometimes they work, but sometimes they don't and my mind is able to ...

Will lunesta show up on a drug test as a benzodiazepine ?

Posted 4 May 2011 by aleibvox 2 answers

I have been taking lunesta for a good couple of years now and now i'm dealing with taking drug tests once a month at random and i've been failing for benzodiazepines. the only thing i take that many people have told me will show up sometimes is lunesta and benadryl. I just want some ...

Is “Ambien-Tweeting” a Thing?

Posted 31 May 2018 1 answerFAQ by

Help me figure this out, can I take Lunesta if I react bad to benzos?

Posted 15 Mar 2018 by Tyler_Tyler 1 answer

So in the past I have had bad experiences with benzodiazepines even though they are for anxiety it still made me freak out even more and caused memory loss. I wanted to know if I took Lunesta for sleep would it affect me the same way as the benzos? I am fully aware they are different chemically but ...

Can Lunesta 2mg be cut in half?

Posted 18 Feb 2018 by kirsch22 0 answers

Can a 17 yr old take Lunesta?

Posted 1 Mar 2018 by Melissasuecoy 0 answers

I just wanted to know if any dr. Would give Lunesta to a 17 year old boy who suffers from insomnia?

What are some good sleeping pills to work with Adderall? Ambiem and Lunesta are not working well?

Posted 19 Aug 2017 by Bill Bak 1 answer

for me. I am waking up at 3 to 5 in the morning and sleep on and off the rest of the time. I am tired through out the day and have a hard time getting going in the morning.

I feel I need to take Lunesta for sleep?

Posted 10 Jan 2018 by detour12 0 answers

Hi i been on Lunesta for a while now since about summer ,i did not have a problem ,when i first started to take ,it i took it once a week ,now i got it refilled recently ,i feel like i have to take it to get to sleep ,i am on Seroqel and mirtpainze for sleep ,i take it everynight but maybe it takes ...

Has anyone had any problems with other medications not working while taking Saxenda?

Posted 7 Jan 2018 by Tomcarthur 0 answers

When I take my Lunesta, while taking Saxenda, the Lunesta does not work

Increasing meds, health issues, all alone in a new town. Starting to panic big time. I’m so alone?

Posted 25 Nov 2017 by kalync 1 answer

Massive stress, surgery, lost my job, medical ins and major family issues. All alon- no support systems. Have been increasing meds. Tonight took 4 xanax(.25), lunesta 4 mg and 2 Norco plus 2 glasses of wine. Is this too much? I can’t handle anymore in my life. Moved to new town 6 months ago ...

Can I take 2 Lunesta 2mg tablets?

Posted 12 Feb 2017 by marysfootballdad 1 answer

I have been taking Luesta for a while and can't seem to get much sleep anymore and was wondering if it is safe to take 2 of them to get the needed and much wanted sleep?

Temazepam vs Ambien?

Posted 11 Oct 2017 by detour12 0 answers

I am on Lunesta and sometimes it doesn't not work and sometimes it does. I told my doctor about this and he said try two and same thing. I was wondering if which would be better to try temazepam or Ambien? I only take this once a week because I get back kind of late to help me fall sleeper ...

I have a mass on my left breast that is causing me severe pain I only weigh 92 pounds.

Posted 16 Sep 2017 by Tiffany Houser 2 answers

I have a mass on my left breast that is causing me severe pain I only weigh 92 pounds, but my doctor prescribed tramadol 50 mg, but it's doing nothing for me, I'm on clonazepam and Zoloft and Lunesta, and amitriptyline can I take more than one tramadol?

Can you take xanax with lunesta?

Posted 1 Apr 2016 by gator3799 1 answer

I am currently taking lunesta for insomnia but only works for 2 hours. I then feel during the day like I have anxiety and feel sad all day until night time when I take my lunesta. Can I take these 2 together

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