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Lunesta Questions

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Is “Ambien-Tweeting” or "Sleep-Tweeting" a Thing?

Sleep Disorders-Is there a one-time "knock-out" drug to guarantee sleep the night before wedding?

I've wrestled with insomnia on and off since high school. It's almost always anxiety-related and I've tried everything from Tylenol PM and Benadryl to Lunesta and Ambien . Even with the Lunesta and Ambien, sometimes they work, but sometimes they don't and my mind is able to... read more

Can you take Clonazepam Daily as a Sleep Aid for long term?

I have just been prescribed Clomazepam as a sleep aid to be taken daily to replace Lunesta (which I became tolerant to). Do you think this is a good substitute? Right now, when I go to bed with Clomazepam and Lunesta (at a lower dose), it's lights out. I wake up once in the night but I'm... read more

Does Lunesta increase or decrease in potency or change chemically when expired?

How long after expiration can Lunesta be safely used?

Does Lunesta cause weight gain in most cases?

I have fought weight gain most of my adult life, and have finally reached a weight I am happy with. I was just prescribed Lunesta today as I have TERRIBLE insomnia.Just wondering if I should expect weight gain.Thanks

Will lunesta show up on a drug test as a benzodiazepine ?

I have been taking lunesta for a good couple of years now and now i'm dealing with taking drug tests once a month at random and i've been failing for benzodiazepines. the only thing i take that many people have told me will show up sometimes is lunesta and benadryl. I just want some... read more

Can I take 2 Lunesta 2mg tablets?

I have been taking Luesta for a while and can't seem to get much sleep anymore and was wondering if it is safe to take 2 of them to get the needed and much wanted sleep?

Insomnia - Klonopin + Lunesta.

35 y/o male wondering if anyone has taken Klonopin with Lunesta, and what were the results? Currently on 0.5 mg of Klonopin but it’s no longer giving me the full night’s sleep I need. I get to sleep, then wake up after a few hours. Psych recommended increasing Klonopin dose or adding... read more

How do I use prescription sleeping pills safely?

Lunesta - The metalic taste and the dry mouth are pretty bad. I started last night and got 9 hours?

... of sleep. Does the taste improve with anything? yesterday and today have been bittersweet (pun intentional) Please advise. Lorri

I took 3 lunesta pills?

I have been sick for over a month real sick and the past week the family had 2 death and I haven't sleep in 4 days..I can't take it any more... did I just O.D. my self.ifi fall a sleep will I wake up or go in a coma? PLEASE HELPME

Can you break lunesta 2mg in half?

Can lunesta be Mixed with Ativan ?

I take an Ativan every night and was recently prescribed lunesta. Can I take together?

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