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Lo Loestrin Fe - Just started pill last week...anxiety and major mood swings?

I started Loloestrin Fe less than a week ago, and I feel like I'm already experiencing depression-like symptoms with this pill. Has anybody else felt like this this early into taking it?

Loestrin fe for perimenopause symptoms?

I am on day 8 of Loestrin fe(I began a week after my last period) and so far I've gotten mad hot flashes!. I am going on 49 years old in a month. I have multiple sclerosis and have noticed my symptoms worsen when my hormone levels drop. Is anyone taking this pill for perimenopausal symptoms?... read more

Has anyone experienced frequent heartburn or indigestion on Loestrin 24 Fe?

I recently started on Loestrin 24 Fe (on second month) and have noticed that during the end of the 1st week & into the beginning of the 3rd week I have more frequent heartburn than normal. I was on Ortho-tricycline for a long time and experienced frequent and severe heartburn, but as soon as I... read more

Itching Reaction to Birth Control???

I'm 26, and I've just recently begun taking birth control for the first time, as I'm getting married in 3 months. I started off with Gildess, which is a generic form of Loestrin I believe and was on it for 2 months. I experienced lots of water retention, mood swings, loss in sex... read more

Loestrin 24 Fe - Does taking Loestrin prevent you from the chance of becoming pregnant ??

I have been on this pill for 1 year now and I love it !! My boyfriend and I have sex on the weekends and he's never cummed inside me but we always talk about it... Would I be okay / protected if I let him cum inside me ??

Can I intentionally skip a period while on Lo Loestrin Fe 24 by skipping the white and brown pills?

We are going on vacation and if my math is right, I'll be on my period while in Cancun... no fun. I'm wondering if instead of taking the white and brown pills I can just skip to the next pack and skip the period all together?

Lo Loestrin Fe - Has anyone had really bad cramps around the time of bleeding with this pill?

This is my first month on this pill and I hate it. It made me want to vomit and cramping the third and fourth week of taking it. On the days I took the brown pills, my cramps were even more painful and barely any bleeding. Just spotting. My gyno put me on this pill because I had irregular... read more

Lo Loestrin Fe - Anyone have any side effects coming OFF the pill?

I realized that this pill was actually ruining my life. My anxiety was constantly so bad and I realized I wasn't even myself since I started taking this over a year ago. I immediately stopped taking it but am reading a lot online of people saying they got horrible side effects coming off, but... read more

When is the best time to have unprotected sex with loestrin 24 fe?

I've been taking lo estrin for 21 months, never switched birth control and I've been taking them on time everyday. I'm a Sunday starter and it's says I'm ok after a week but to me it sounds impossible. Could someone explain to me please. Thank you :)

Lo Loestrin Fe - Does Loestrin cause yeast infections?

I started Loestrin Fe 8 days ago. On the 6th day I started feeling itchy & a little tender down there you know common beginning signs of a yeast. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this as well? A little nervous, thinking it may be the Loestrin, maybe my body is adjusting.

Lo Loestrin Fe - Is it normal to have my period in the second week of my pill pack while on lo?

... loestrin? I hadn't had my period for 3 months (barely spotting on innanctive) so I figure I'm due for it, but I think it's odd that it's two weeks before I reach the brown pills. I haven't missed a day and I'm farely regular at taking them at the same time

Lo Loestrin Fe - Anxiety/Depression on Lo Loestrin Fe?

Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing extreme anxiety/depression from this birth control pill. I have been on it now since last fall, so I would say 8-9 months now. Beginning the poll I emotionally felt great because I switched from Sprintec which literally made me an emotional... read more

No period on lo loestrin fe?

I've been on the pill for over a year now, my last one didn't work well for me (anxiety and? depression) so i switched to lo loestrin fe and i took it the first day of my period (may 17) and i haven't gotten my period yet and im starting my second pack today. i didn't spot, i... read more

Has Lo Loestrin Fe caused you not to have a period?

I recently switched birth controls from Blisovi to Lo Loestrin and I haven’t had a period since. It’s causing me to worry a lot especially since I’ve even gained some weight. I’m not sure if this is normal and wanted to know other people’s experiences with this birth... read more

Does Lo Loestrin cause heart palpitations?

I've been taking this bc for 5 months now and starting in the middle of this month for an entire week I was feeling really lethargic and depressed, then the final week of my pack I started feeling better. The first 3 months or so I wasn't really having side effects. I'm typically an... read more

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