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Local Anesthesia Questions

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Bupivacaine/Epinephrine - when does bupivacaine wear off?

Posted 11 days ago by witzami 0 answers

i had carpul tunnel release with local marcaine inject nearly 2 days ago and hand is still numb. is this normal or when will numbness subside?

Reaction to Lidocaine?

Posted 16 May 2016 by Rjaboy 0 answers

Anytime I receive Lidocaine, either by Dentist or Physician, My ears ring , i become flushed, feel faint, and just feel horrible for a while afterwards. Yet I have no reaction to Mepivicaine or Marcaine. Why is this?

I have taken Lamisil for one week. My skin near my sternum is now itchy but numb to any attempt to?

Posted 3 Dec 2015 by Itchyskin 0 answers

... relieve the itching, as if there is a local anesthesia in that area. I can feel that I am scratching, but I do not feel my fingernails on my skin. Is this caused by the Lamisil?

My vet is asking way to much for a local for my 16 yr old palamino?

Posted 10 Apr 2015 by Doc Chase 1 answer

She has two cysts that I'm sure I could do but don't want Ginger in Pain ..Can you prescribe/sell the Novocaine via on-line?

Local Anesthesia - is there a drug given intravenously that sounds like santinyl?

Posted 23 Mar 2015 by plsanswer 1 answer

I was given propofol during a local procedure at a hospital OR, when the bag was empty, it was replaced with something that sounds like sentinyl. Whatever it was, made me sick. I do not want to have it given to me again, but I can't find out what it was. I don't know the proper spelling, ...

Naltrexone and local anesthesia?

Posted 27 Jun 2014 by nene33 2 answers

i know you have to be off opiods for 7 days before start of naltrexone but if i had a tooth extraction and was injected with septocaine? is that okay?

Articaine/Epinephrine - Can Septocaine w/ Epinephrine be used to get high? I found viles among?

Posted 6 Feb 2013 by maddjaxx1969 1 answer

... roommates things, why would someone have them? They have no reason, not job related, or anything I can think of, I've been really concerned that he has been using drugs. His behavior isn't as he would normally act.

Does a person of 154 kg get the same dose as 70kg???

Posted 4 Feb 2014 by missk68 1 answer

lidocaine given as a local anesthetic for say a circumsicion, the patient is 154 kg and the strength of lidocaine is 2mg /ml

Does anyone know what 'i' before '-caine' means when talking about a novocain allergy?

Posted 25 May 2013 by kmonroe 2 answers

A patient has had allergy to Novocain and the nurse asks if they should have done a skin test prior to surgery to see what other local anesthetics she was allergic too. The doctor mumbled anything with an "i" before caine??? Does that mean it's safe or not? And what drugs have an ...

Bupivacaine/Epinephrine - can marcaine be used for shoulder reduction for a traumatic dislocation?

Posted 24 Nov 2012 by shae shae 1 answer

If so, how is it used--intra-articular, nerve block, or infiltration of tissue? what is the technique to give it these ways? How much is given for each, and the dose recommended?

Will marcaine or septocaine numb the leg if injected there?

Posted 4 Jun 2011 by sexiest1 2 answers

I Was Just Curious To Know If It Had The Same Effect Somewhere Else On The Body, Like It Does Orally.Its Not Going To Be Done I Just Wanted To Know! Thank You

Local Anesthesia - If someone is allergic to Novocaine/Lydocaine/zylocaine etc. are there any?

Posted 18 Nov 2009 by mother in law 1 answer

... alternative medications that can be used?

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