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What is the advantage of ZTlido over Lidoderm?

I have been prescribed lidoderm patch but they will not stay attached - any suggestions?

to get them to stay or an alternative?

I have lower back pain, can I use lidoderm patch?

Is lidoderm lidocaine patch 5% a narcotic?

Lidoderm - Can the patch be used more than 12 hours at a time. What about continuous?

Elderly lady has people coming in to apply patch but but not always around 12 hrs later. Plus... patient wants to use it continuously.

Does the lidoderm patch have potential for abuse if yes, how, if its not a narcotic?

my brother was on the fetnal patch until it got recalled. he broke his back in four places and got addictid to them and know they put him on lidaerim patches

How long is a Lidoderm patch active after expiration date, if the envelope has never been opened?

The ones I have expired 10/2015. A co-worker gave them to me because I had always had an aching back after work. I never found them helpful in easing my pain. So I just kept them. Now they are very old. Should I just throw them away?

Can I use my Lidoderm 5% Patch on sore muscles in/on my arms, neck, shoulders?

When I say "sore", I mean to say painful muscles.

Will a Lidoderm patch show up on a urine test 8 days after use?

My family member is in the military and just went through a command wide drug sweep. He used ONE Lidoderm patch (Lidocaine 5%) 8 days prior to this urine test that is being sent off for testing. Does he have anything to worry about?

Is there any contraindication to using a heating pad over a Lidoderm patch?

My Mother has severe arthritis of the neck that causes her severe pain. She gets some relief from a heating pad throughout the day. Her PCP recently prescribed Lidoderm patches to apply to her neck but not sure if she should use the heating pad with the Lidoderm patch or not. Please advise.

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